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  1. Yes, you all in my thoughts and prayers too. Also, related to the cell phone thing - I've started using a wired headset which keeps the cell phone away from the head and the headset is not a bluetooth since it is wired, it keeps the danger away from your brain. Just FYI - the company is called theboom.com if anyone is interested. About $25 more money than a $99 bluetooth and the sound quality is the best.
  2. Hi Karen - we met once in KC at MQS in the lobby of the hotel, I had just taken your class (not a hands on but I still LOVED it!). I was vote number 404 today. Rock on girl!
  3. I had a bad experience with Fairfield polyester batting - it was soooo heavy and I can't imagine sleeping under the quilt I did with it. But the customer wanted me to use it AND I had to splice two pieces together because it wasn't wide enough for the quilt. What a pain. Another bad part was that she brought a very cheap flat sheet (cotton poly blend) yuck for the backing which was barely large enough to cover the back. AND to top it off, the quilt was for a lady who was 102 years old. That thing was so heavy and I hated the backing (sheet), but I did an E2E on it and it looked fine, it was just so incredibly heavy it was probably hot to sleep under. Anyway, I do love the new Fairfield cotton/bamboo batting --- it is a dream. I will never use poly again!
  4. Wouldn't a freehand design within the colorful areas kinda hide some of the oops? What if you focused the quilting within the colored area and used a black thread within the black areas --- would that draw attention away from the mis-aligned seams?? Just curious, that is probably how I would handle it. I guess you don't want to draw more attention to the misalignments by using a bright thread and running it across the seams though. My 2 cents.
  5. I am a big fan of Pfaff and have a 2134 which I love. I use it for straight sewing and I use the applique stitch regularly on it. I do the raw edge fusible applique method and bought the Pfaff for this reason - that stitch is unbelieveable on the Pfaff. I purchased my Pfaff used (used barely one month) on Ebay for less than half the retail price. I also own a 1958 Singer in the cabinet (I inherited this machine from a great aunt who was the only owner) - which sews beautifully; and a newer Kenmore which has a great solid straight stitch (which I got also on Ebay for under $100 but it sells for over $300). My nine year old daughter is learning to sew on the 58 Singer which I slow way down for her. And it is controlled with a knee control instead of a foot pedal. Good luck with your shopping.
  6. Joann - As an ex-SIL (my divorce was final last January) my feelings are that you are an adult and she is also an adult. Unfortunately, he is not playing nice with others. Would your ongoing friendship even be noticed by him considering he has less time with the kids? Just curious if he would even know unless someone told him about it. I agree with the others, the quilt will tell you as will time. Perhaps he will become a grownup soon and realize that your friendship with his ex-wife is a logical part of having friends and relatives even with a divorce in the family. Anyway, I am not in conflict with my ex - he is behaving himself and I have as much or little contact with his family as I want and they want. I just feel, now that I am divorced, how damaging people can be, especially if the kids see this behavior. Good luck with your quandry. I can definitely appreciate it.
  7. BEEEEEAUUUUUUTIFUL! Love it. Tell the big, round guy hello from rainy Arizona (not supposed to be rainy!). My daughter (9 years old) still believes (don't we all?) and wants to know if you are neighbors, being both at the North Pole and all. hahahahahaa. Take care and maybe you can quilt with Mrs. Claus sometime.
  8. 3 - UFOs due for Christmas dozens more that have no fixed deadlines. My stash is in plastic bins - I can't think about those now because it would drive me nuts to reorganize right now. The 3 quilts now are all ready to quilt, except one needs to be pieced first. Yikes, running out of time. Where is Santa? I need Mrs. Claus to help me finish these.
  9. Being an applique girl - I would not really worry so much about the strength of the machine/needle, etc., but the desire of the customer whether they want you to quilt through it. Otherwise, quilt away. Personally, I do not quilt through my applique, unless it is to accent it. I do not panto through it, but there are plenty of people who do. Just a personal preference.
  10. Wow, my wedding story is downright boring compared to those doooozies above. Only one funny thing happened, but I didn't find out about it until we got back from our honeymoon a week later. Our wedding was September 1995 in Seattle, Washington in a Victorian mansion on the water -- so very prim and proper. I wore a very nice white wedding dress, the groom in a handsome gray tuxedo, etc. Flowers everywhere. No one got too drunk, out of control -- so in a word, BORING. Then, honeymoon in Orlando, had fun yadda yadda yadda. Get back from Orlando and get the first of many phone calls, how was the honeymoon, fun fun fun, oh and by the way, I didn't want to tell you this, so don't get upset but.... I saw your SIL naked at your wedding. WHAT!!!! Yes, then another call, another call, you get the picture. Apparently, she had this wrap dress that was just being held closed with one place to tie it shut and it had apparently become untied while she was walking down this grand staircase and everyone coming up the stairs saw her naked because she wasn't wearing anything underneath it (and I mean nadda nothing not even a thong)! And, she had lots of tatoos, so they saw those too. Ahem. Anyway, her marriage ended to my brother and my marriage ended with that husband. I say better luck next time. Take care,
  11. Yes, Nancy stay safe. PS. I still want to drive the backhoe. hee hee.
  12. Oh April, I had to do that two years ago. Found out I was lactose intolerant and wheat intolerant and allergic to a few things as well, hit me just after my 40th birthday. Good luck, I remember the days of elimination eating, no fun. I've never heard of the napkin trick. Have to look into that one. Ok, I was resisting the 3 boxes of brownie mix in the cupboard but now you gals are teasing me! Have a great weekend.
  13. I'm thinking of you Patty Jo. So very sorry for the loss of your wonderful husband Bill. He sounds like such a great man and friend but as someone said above, he is healed and no longer ill. Take care of yourself, now it's time to focus on you. Much love.
  14. I am making a patriotic theme lap quilt for my mother, she picked out the fabrics and she gets so cold during the winters (she is 70 now in Ohio) so it's for her time in front of the TV on the couch. And lap quilts for my daughter and son. They are lap size to take on a plane during the holidays-- Seattle with their dad. I also have Christmas fabric I am making a table runner and placemats for Christmas day dinner. I'd love to make a Thanksgiving one, but I am working on a 1890s dress and pinafore, my daughter is doing an historic biography of Helen Keller and needs to dress like her for her presentation, due December 12th (yikes). I have a pattern for cup cozys and tissue box covers -- but won't have time (maybe while the kids are in Seattle for 5 days I'll get some straight sewing time). Good luck everyone!