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  1. I don't normally pipe-in, but I think I will here. It looks to me like this piecer sewed these quilt tops with a serger that has its differential feed set to gather. I'm thinking that the pucker problem is due more to a sewing machine problem than a piecer problem. Granted, the blocks are wonky, but a sewing machine with the tension (top & bottom) too tight, presser foot pressure too high, and so on, can also cause puckering.
  2. Shannon, I was having a lot of tension problems a while back and ended up discovering that some of my aluminium bobbins had burrs on the inside edges. Of course, I can\'t remember how the stitches looked, but that\'s something else to check. Hope you get it worked out soon. Jackie
  3. I don\'t normally post here, but I had to this time. Shana, Thanks for the joke. Life is so intense, I need to laugh more. Thank you. I enjoy reading your posts. You are a very nice, uplifting and encouraging person. I know you meant no harm to anyone. That\'s not what you do. Political Correctness is really political control. The attempt to control the thoughts and words of others. Don\'t let it master you. You are a wonderful person. Many people are blessed by you, and who you are. Thanks for being you. Jackie
  4. Shana, Provo Craft makes a setting tool that has three different tips that punch 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 inch holes. It\'s called the Silent Setter. It\'s for putting eyelets in paper and plastic. I\'ve also used it for fabric. Jackie
  5. Kenna and Linda, You can find the preprinted panels at rgadesignquilts.com. I have the feather one. It uses many different methods to form feathers. You can go over the designs more than once useing a different color of thread each time. I don't have the book though. The fabric store didn't offer it. Jackie
  6. Marci Baker has developed a method for making GFG all sewn on a DSM. She has a program on quiltersnewsnetwork.com that shows how to do it. You can get the book and tools from aliciasattic.com. Click on Feature and scroll down to find the book and tool set, or you can buy the items separately. Her method is basicly sewing strips together, cutting the strip sets a particular way, and sewing those pieces together to form a pieced strip. Then you sew those strips together and you have a GFG quilt top. Of course, the hexogons have a seam through the middle, which may not be of interest. Although, these days I see seams in quilt blocks where they never were in days gone by. I haven't tried this method myself. Someday I would like to. It looks interesting. So many things to try, and so little time!
  7. Whatever machine a person likes best and buys is very much like buying a car. Everyone has their own reasons for making the decision they do. And always remember, there evidently were lot of people who liked Pintos, Gremlins and Vegas. :P Jackie
  8. Saracl, I have EQ6. There are a number of different flowers in their embroidery library. Their embroidery library designs are for designing quilts, you can't embroider with them. You have to buy them seperately from the company that sells them. They have designs from Cactus Punch, Pfaff & Viking. There are quite a few. I have yet to use any of them. Jackie
  9. Okay, So who first came up with the unbrewed coffee grounds solution? And how did they discover that it removed odors? I'll have to write this one down. Thanks for letting us know what worked. Jackie
  10. Vicki, You can find Kaleidoscope Kreator at: Kalcollections.com. It's a fun tool to use on your computer. It has different shaped Kaleidoscope wedges to choose from. You move your picture around under the shape to achieve the look you like. Then you can preview it, print it, save it or move on to something that you like better. Jackie
  11. Vicki, You should print the pictures out on fabric and design a quilt with them. You could even use "Kaleidoscope Kreator" to make some matching fabrlc. I bet it would be awesome! Jackie
  12. Cheryl, If you don't quit posting these I'm going to want a compuquilter!!!!!!!! You're scaring my husband! Really, I love the rose design. I just love looking at the quilting on quilts. Thanks for inspiring me. Jackie
  13. Wow! Danetta, What a fun quilt to look at! Very cheerful! I love the quilting. Are those beads in the flower centers? It really is a fun quilt. I love the colors and I find my eyes just dancing all over it following the movement of color and design. Thanks for sharing. What a delight! Jackie
  14. Cheryl, Very nice! I love the quilting. I see you have the roses in different sizes and rotations. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Jackie
  15. Cathey, There is a button at the base of the QNN view screen that you can click on to make it full size. The shows are on multiple times, so I can generally catch what I want to see at some point. They had a poll a while back about view on demand, so maybe they'll change to that one of these days. Jackie