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  1. I'm looking for a Hartley work table in the US. If you have one to sell, or if you know how to make something that works similarly, please let me know. I've searched here but haven't found anything as of yet. I'm hopeful! I want to learn to use my laser on the front of my machine. Thanks!
  2. Looks awesome! I need to be braver. You've inspired me!
  3. Funny how sometimes we don't get what we expect. Often it's even better! I like how the white wins out. Very nice work.
  4. Pretty quilt! I love the movement in the blocks.
  5. Your quilting is beautiful. It adds to the quilt without detracting from the candle wicking. I bet your customer was very pleased.
  6. I'm sorry I can't tell you the pattern. It's pretty and would be a great way to show off specialty fabrics.
  7. WOW...I love the use of the aboriginal fabrics for this design. Looks fantastic!
  8. Really pretty. The quilting is perfect on it. Your recipient will love it!
  9. SOLD Lot of 18 Pantos, New in packaging, $180. INCLUDES flat rate shipping to anywhere in the USA. Paypal payment due within 24 hours of receiving the invoice. All packaged up and ready to go! Golden Threads: Ivy Garden 12.5" repeat Birdseye 9.5" rows Harmony 8" rows Clover Meadow 14" rows Leaf Litter 8.5" rows Rose and Feather Border 11.5" rows Top Hat 5" repeat Button Flowers 5.5" rows Fly Away 7.5" repeat Feather Border Collection #1 4", 4.5", 5.25" Tropical Breeze 7" rows Ribbon Rose 10.5" rows Email 6" rows Feather Chain (Vertical) 4.5" repeat Classic Leaf 6.25" rows PLUS 11" block Hawthorn 8.75" repeat The Quilt Rack: Butterflies for Tarah 11" Lorien Quilting: English Vine 13.5" interwoven
  10. I just asked my APQS rep about this. I have a Millie and noticed that it sews better in one direction. She told me that sewing from left to right results in better stitches and less breakage.
  11. I'm working on a QOV quilt with a white backing..of course, right?....and I noticed that my granny smith apple green thread has areas that is black. It's the bobbin thread only. Before starting this quilt I removed and cleaned the bobbin, wiped out the bobbin case, and made sure everything was working great since EVERYTHING would show on the back of this quilt. I didn't expect to have the problem I'm having, and not sure what's causing it. I'm NOT technical at all. Cleaning the bobbin itself is about as techie as I get. It's not the entire thread. It shows up randomly. Any ideas on where the trouble is and what I can do about it?
  12. Thank you Jim. I have some 80/20 I could double up on. Is that comparable to one layer of high loft?
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