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  1. Hi all, I have been pondering whether its worth the time and money to have embroidery capabilities for my quilt customers. I do mostly tshirt and memory quilts with occasional embroidery pieces as a part of the quilt (or pillow). I do longarm as well. So, with all of that, is it worth it to try to do my own embroidery as well? I don't have an embroidery machine and I would have to be taught the whole process. I find that I mostly need embroidery pieces with words only, no images. Thanks for your help!! Denise in Georgia
  2. I wondered if I might ask you a couple of questions about marketing my quilting business? I want to do a free or inexpensive website but I'm overwhelmed at the thought of that. I have a business Facebook page but not sure if I'm utilizing it well. What are some marketing/ social media ideas for my business that would be free or low cost? I am not able to go all out and work full time quilting but I want to attract local quilters as much as possible. Thanks so much!
  3. I wondered if any of you have ever made a memory quilt with hats....ball caps in particular. If so, how did you feature the logo on the front of the hat, how did you attach them, and any potential issues that I need to watch for? Also, the customer wants 'puffy' batting in this quilt....what kind/brand would you recommend? I normally use warm & natural, but that was too flat for her. Thanks so much for your wise counsel! Denise
  4. I have been asked to make a memory quilt for a client with photos on fabric. When she brought them to me, the pictures are several different sizes and most of them are small...4x6 or smaller. In your experience, is it better to just machine appliqué these onto fabric or to try to piece them with sashing between? Here's a picture (though blurred...sorry) of a possible layout to give you an idea of what sizes I'm talking about. Thanks for your helpful suggestions! Denise
  5. Just an update in case someone searches for solutions to this problem in the future....I dont know if was going through all of the possible solution steps again or answered prayers or both , but she is up and running again with no hiccups at all! Just love when you wake up one morning and the machine is working again! Thanks for everyone's help! Denise
  6. Nigel, my machine does not have the single stitch function (which sounds like a button that does a single stitch at a time). So do you think it might still be related to what you were explaining? Thanks, Denise
  7. I have been talking with Amy from APQS (wonderful!! Thanks, Amy!) about my issue and we had not resolved it yet as of end of business yesterday, so I thought I might throw out a life line to yall to see if you have any other ideas. My top thread is getting stuck in the hook assembly when I try to pull up the bobbin thread....and even getting stuck with no bobbin in there at all. When the hook hooks the thread, it takes the thread around and it gets stuck between the metal and black part of the bobbin area at about 8-9 o'clock. I noticed that one of you posted about that before. I have soa
  8. Hi! Anyone have an Accuquilt Studio that they would be willing to sell? PM me if you do...Thanks! Denise in Georgia
  9. I am nearing the end of a roll of Warm & Natural batting and am researching what kind to buy next. I like the W&N just fine and I can get it at Joann's with a coupon, but I thought I would see what else might be out there, especially since I use the batting for tshirt quilts mostly. I wondered if a poly batting or a cotton/poly blend might make more sense and be more affordable for these types of quilts. What do you use? Thanks, Denise
  10. What would you do in my situation? I've made a tshirt quilt for a friend. It has turned out beautifully except today as I'm finishing the binding, I noticed a small area on the quilt where the tension was too loose. It is not very noticeable obviously since I didn't see it thread on navy fabric on the back which the only spot that you can tell. I like to do things well, but I don't know if or how I should try to fix it. What would you do? Thanks, Denise
  11. I am the proud new owner of an Ultimate XX (thanks Carol!) and it is in a place in my house that has carpeting. I was thinking with the oiling and the WD-40 cleanings that my carpet underneath the machine might get ruined so I was looking into something to either cover the carpet or cover the bobbin area of the machine. Has anyone done this and what did you use? I thought about those interlocking foam floor tiles, but I'm not sure that they will stay together on top of my carpet. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions!! Denise in Georgia
  12. Carol, I have emailed you regarding your machine. Denise
  13. I'm gettting a LA for Christmas and I wanted to know where to buy thread and batting in bulk at a good price. Where do you get yours from? Thanks!
  14. I would love to see some whole cloth quilting designs that "the experts" (yall!) have done on your LA's. I want to get an idea of how it looks...THanks!
  15. Thanks so much for all the great ideas...I'm planning to try a few. When I get them done, I'll post the pictures and how long it took me to do it from start to finish. Thanks!
  16. I'm looking for ideas for making a smaller quilt (suitable for children) in 2-4 hours total - from cutting fabric to the binding. Can it be done??? When I hear of a child in the hospital and I don't have a quilt already made, I'd like to have a go-to pattern that I can put together quickly and get it to them while they are in the hospital. Any suggestions?
  17. Thanks to all of the ladies who sent me beautiful blocks for the new years' exchange! I have enough blocks to put together, but I'm puzzled about what color/pattern to use for the sashing and borders. Any ideas? Better yet, anybody working on theirs that would like to share pictures? Thanks! Denise Cornett
  18. Love these!! And, thanks for the info about the Minkee...I think that I'll try that next time since I see that it can be done well!!
  19. Thanks Bonnie for the beautiful block! This is my first exchange and I'm very excited about watching my mailbox now!!
  20. I would love to participate! Unbleached muslin, 12" finished is good for me too...
  21. I\'ve seen several ideas that can keep me busy for a while! Thanks so much! I especially liked the "no-binding" ideas because that usually slows me down. Thanks again and I\'ll let you know if I come up with another short cut! Necie
  22. I love to make charity quilts - for new babies, missionary "projects", people having to stay in the hospital, stuff like that. The only challenge is that I don\'t always have time to make a traditional quilt when the need arises. What ideas do you have for making a quick quilt or maybe blankets or something from the heart that would only take a few hours to complete? Ultimately I\'d like to have a long arm, slap a couple of pieces of fabric on the frame and quilt a whole cloth quilt for someone, but I don\'t have a LA yet. Thanks so much for sharing all your ideas! Denise in Georgia
  23. I wanted to follow the great advice of a longarm friend of mine to practice "quilting" by drawing. But, only one problem, my meander is HIDEOUS! Does anybody know where I can find a meander "stencil" or something that I can trace to get better at it? Thanks!!