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  1. Help! This is the 2nd time I have tried to get my business working efficiently. My problem is taking control of my time. Last time I ended up closing my business because my grandchildren needed me. Right now I work at a shop, doing trade shows and making samples. I cut back shop hours to build my business. My Business is picking up, but I can see how I can quickly lose control. How do you manage your time?
  2. OK I have my machine and all my piecing machines and my own room to work in. Hooray. I also have dishes, laundry, 2 dogs, a handful of grandkids, and a full time job at a fabric shop so I want to make every sample I see. What do you do to Keep on Track? I am so easily distracted. Love all the help I find here. Teresa
  3. Thanks for all the support. I did put a practice quilt on. adjusting the tension now then will put on a real quilt. It really did feel good to dance with my machine.
  4. I have had my machine for several years. A part broke in it a few while back, it was fixed within a week, but I have been so busy and more concerned about braking it again that i have not touched it for a long time. It is time. I need to adjust the tension, but it seems to be working fine now. So where do I start? I have more tops then any one person should admit to, but I don't know if I dare start on them yet. guess I need a little encouragement. Teresa
  5. HELP. The right side handles on the front and the back of my machine are not always willing to turn on. This is very frustrating. It will work fine for a while and then then next time I stop to wind the bobbin - nothing. This is the same Green Millie that you've read about having problems before. Any suggestions. Teresa
  6. Thanks for all the advise. I do mark the sides with a dry erase marker. I will try some of your suggestions.
  7. How do you know where to place your panto and how do you know if it is on straight? The Gammill I used had the table marked. My APQS doesn't Thanks Teresa
  8. I have had my Millie for about a month. I am working on Pantos. I need to know what the largest size panto I can use on my table? My friend has designed some that I love but I think they are too wide to use on my table. Very Distressing. Teresa
  9. I am new here. I have only had my machine a month but I played on my friends machine several times. I am starting on Pantographs. I enjoy them and they make the quilting go pretty fast. My question is -- what is the largest size panto I can use on my Millie? My friend has designed some that are 18" wide and I am having trouble making it work. Thanks Teresa