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  1. Local guild had a beautiful show..2 rooms worth of quilts..wow... Quilts in the main room for the challenge were inspirational...but...I was a little disappointed in the types of vendors. All the other showcases had more booths available for the machine quilters..patterns, stencils, etc. lots of quilting machine brands were represented, but I thought there were to many quilt stores for their patterns and fabrics. I felt that a machine quilters showcase should be more about the machine quilters. I stayed only one afternoon as compared to before I would stay 2 days.
  2. I would...the profit from the sale of bat and backing..thread etc. would help pay the rent and utilities. As far as brands..what do most of your customers use now? That would be a great start...
  3. Had to reply to this..I have been quilting in my garage for 15 years...as you can see I still call it the garage..
  4. Absolutely love the quilting...gonna steal your idea for a modern quilt I have to do...thanks for the pictures!!!
  5. Make an appointment and jump in the car and drive down to Carroll.....maybe a six hour drive from Minneapolis... a few days are better than a few weeks...
  6. There is a local professional embroidery shop, I have had several items like you describe done...For a name and a date they charged $10.00...
  7. totally agree with that advice. set your price first..you are doing the work................
  8. There are a couple of ideas in those for me to try...Need some background sort of thing..thanks
  9. I bought new ones from APQS..they werent that expensive.
  10. I have the ultimate 11 and the throat plate space has never been an issue for me. I have had her since birth, many many years. Do have the wooden table and just once it came close as for the width of the quilt. Chose what is best for you.
  11. Most people think it is an awful job and dont want to do it themselves. I thought I was charging a good price until I read what you guys charge. Time to charge more. If they dont like it they can do it themselves, which they hate doing. In a way it makes up for the extra time you spend on their quilts and make practically minimum wage.
  12. Hopefully this isnt a duplicate. I tried posting this earlier, but I dont see it. I have a vintage flower garden up next and want to know how you quilt it. Is there a path to follow so I can go around each piece? Just need some ideas or pictures.
  13. Really like the panto. Always nice to see what they look like on a quilt. Who makes this one?
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