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  1. I have a 790 with embroidery. This machine has been used very little. I am thinking about selling it. embroidery never used. eileenfast@aol.com
  2. Hi, I am working on a quilt called the raven. I would like to detail the leaves with veins and the raven's wings with thread strokes. Because I am not able to do custom I would like to add edge to edge feathers. Is this exceptable to do edge to edge with this little bit of detailing?
  3. Due to illness must sell V17 with S/R, two sets of handles, frame micro bars. Price is reduced to $3200.00 plus shipping from Fl. Original box for machine, please call evenings or early mornings 386-767-2440 or email eileenfast @aol.com
  4. For Sale: 8 month old Voyager 17 with stitch regulator and Hinterberg Stretch Frame. Included 1/4" round hopping foot, 50 bobbins, 40 needles, large extended base, fat foot 1/2" diameter foot, pigtail bobbin case, regular bobbin case, canvas aprons with velcoe, second set of Hinterberg handles with speed control, Notling bobbin winder, micro handles. asking $4100.00 plus shipping. contact eileenfst@yahoo.com This system is in Florida - Daytona Beach area. Being sold to upgrade to a larger machine.
  5. All of my tear out patterns are in large envelopes with a copy of the quilt on the top of the envelope. I then color code the envelopes and store them according to the colors. red dot for xmas. green for baby. pink for general etc. If I am looking for baby items I can then go to the green boxes and flip thru them. I appreciate looking at all the others. some of the storage ideas are just great. thanks for sharing, eileen