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  1. I have also seen the video and taken a class from Sharon on machine quilting. The larger plexi glass table really does help. And she recommended this stuff called quilt glide. It is a spray on that reduces friction. It is like Pam cooking spray, but for quilting. And you do not want to get it on the floor, any overspray that is, it will send your husband flying across the room when he comes in to see what you are doing! I take my table outside now to spray it. But I think it helps. maybe it is just in my head, but I do notice a difference when I am trying to quilt something with flannel on the back. Anyway, I got the quilt glide at my local quilt shop. Let me know if you can not find it and I will pick you up a can and send it to you.
  2. Oh my!! That is exactly what I am looking! And your quilt is too darn cute! Thanks Myrna for your help as well. And famous last words, the check is in the mail! But no, really it is. I can not wait to use this template (or at least try to) I will send pictures when I am done so that you can all see. Thanks again for all the info and help. You gals really are great. But I will keep that under wraps, I would not want to ruin a reputation! Thanks again!
  3. Beautiful quilt and Exceptional Work! You have a right to be proud! Great JOB!
  4. Does anyone know where I can get a template of some chicken wire? I know this sounds pretty "red neck", but I have made this addorable Buggy Barn chicken quilt and my husband thought it would look neat if I did a chicken wire design for the quilting. I have tried to copy some real chicken wire on the copy machine, but it did not turn out very well. Not sure what else to try or do. Any ideas, help or web sites would be wonderful! Thanks! Heather
  5. What beautiful work you do. I love the McTracish look. I have clients that are just now starting to ask for that in my area. So I have been working on mastering the technique as well. But I think your pricing is just right for the amount of work that is involved. Keep up the wonderful job, and keep sharing pictures. I love to see what others are doing! Helps keep me inspired! Heather
  6. Thanks for the info. It seems that my pricing is just about on target with what everyone else is doing. Happy Quilting! Heather
  7. I am new to the "on line chat" room for quilting. But so far I have learned some pretty neat things. I am just wondering what is the average price for a queen size quilt to have it quilted. say 80 X 100. Just wanting to make sure that I am keeping up with the times in my pricing. Any info on what you charge or how you charge would be appericated! Thanks!