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  1. In a real pinch and to save you cutting a bunch more I think you could use a fusible water-soluble webbing that would stabilize your unstable edges,while you are working on them then wash away after assembly. I hate having to re-do or undo stuff so I would try this route. Stitches for thought.:cool: Lots of good ideas!!
  2. I have a Janome - only a couple of years old and I really love it but I am cleaning it out and after pulling out the messed up part, starting again. Will keep you all posted. Hamilton near St. Joe's. Appreciate the feedback girls. Thanks.
  3. Hi Karen" THanks so much - yes the loops are on the back. I will check the bobbin tension and see what happens. THought maybe I was moving my piece too fast but that didn't seem to be the problem - or maybe it is ... too much coffee and chocolate after all. The quilt is really beautiful. Antique Tile pattern in blues yellows and greens. Will check it out when I get home from work. Have a good one. Karen. aka Katyeyes in Hamilton,ON Canada
  4. Funny those are my other vices - coffee and chocolate. Good idea. THanks for the reply. Will keep you posted. Have put soooo much time and $$ into this quilt that I hate to have it ruined at this point. Thanks Sewhappy!!
  5. Trying to machine quilt a queen sized quilt I made for my daughter and having trouble. Botton thread is looping and pulling thread through from top - just a mess. What am I doing wrong? I have to take out a whole 4" by 80" strip of quilting and ready to pull my hair out. Any help would be welcomed. THanks girls!