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  1. Hi Zeke. If your ruler mate is in working condition, I would like to buy it. I've been looking for one and have a two year old Millie with a thread cutter. How shall we proceed? Lin Squires linsq@Comcast.net
  2. I am very interested in this featherweight. How do we proceed? Lin squires Roseville, CA
  3. I would like to purchase the Ruler Mate, if it's available. I could send you my Hartley extended base if that would help. My machine has a thread cutter- does yours? Please let me know if you would be interested. Blessings!
  4. Do you have a Ruler Mate extended base for sale? I want to buy one for my Millennium with thread cutter. I tried ordering on -line from Love to Quilt/Donita Reeve several months ago and have an order confirmation number, but have been unable to contact her. So, my hunt continues. If you have one for sale or know where I might purchase one, please let me know. Blessings, Lin Squires 916/434-7124
  5. MANY THANKS! You ladies are simply amazing! Now it's time to do my homework and then go SHOPPING:P:P It sounds like I would be happy with either type, each one having a few "hiccups" that seem to be easily solved. Thanks for all the wisdom you've sent my way!! Joy!
  6. Hi everyone! I've decided to get some new side clamps for my Millie and have been reading about Grip-Lite and Feather Lite. I'd love your input before I buy some, because experience had taught me to check with all of you first. I have too many "goodies" that I haven't found to be worthwhile. BTW, this past weekend a quilt I had done for my client won first place, large applique at the Carson Valley Quilt Show in Nevada. There was $20,000 in prize money altogether, so there were lots of smiles to be seen in the room. This same quilt called Japanese Garden won Best Use of Color at PIQF this past fall. It has 2500 appliqued leaves in addition to many other appliqued blocks. AMAZING! I'm so happy for her (and for me, too!)
  7. Dear Laura, Lots of prayers for a perfect (and speedy) recovery! May this soon be a distant memory that leads to a lovely, joy-filled future! I've always felt that one of the best things about a hospital is COMING HOME!! Happy homecoming! Blessings, Lin Squires;)
  8. Dear Friends, You are the voice of reason.... my light in a dark place. Thank you! My husband and I are fighting!!! I just read in a devotional that never be afraid of the C word (cancer), because we are loved and protected by the Big C (Christ Jesus.) Amen! Ps... just read an interesting article on the National Cancer website. It says that older women (70) have fewer problems with breast cancer returning, because at that age, things just grow very slowly. I'm nearly 67 and am counting that as a good thing in my favor, too! :}
  9. Hi sweet Sisters of Encouragement! The oncology appointment was very encouraging. However, we were thrown a "curve" we weren't expecting. The doctor is having me tested with an "Oncotype DX" test, which measures likelihood of cancer recurrence, using 21 genes from my tumor. He thinks I am in a "gray area", where chemotherapy could possibly cause more negative side effects than it could bring benefit. (remember my "allergic reaction" to several drugs used during surgery?) They want to see if the tumor scores "low" on the recurrence scale...if it does, traditional chemo may make little difference. I would be on adjuvant chemo for 5 years (Arimodex, to block all estrogen, which my tumor happens to feed on.) The doctor also said, it is pretty likely that the mastectomy may have "cured" me, but there's no way to be certain. When I asked what would happen if it did return, we were told that it would likely be Stage !V, meaning it had grown somewhere else like lungs, brain, liver or bones. YIKES!! At that point, it could be "managed", but not cured. Oh dear! Prayers for wisdom and discernment would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to hear from any of you who knows anything about this. If only one of my relatives was an oncologist, so I could hear an opinion "off the record"(not just statistics!!) All that being said, I trust in the Great Physician and have faith that I am in His hands. I pray that He will "talk loud" to this quilting Grandma, so I know what His will is. Thanks again to all of you who are sharing your personal journey and prayers and encouragement. It means so much!!! Sending blessings from my grateful heart!
  10. Congratulations, Ferret! I just got my magazine yesterday and recognized your quilting immediately! I am still in awe of the quilt you had hanging in the Innovations Show in Tacoma, Washington. It was a female "skeleton" in a resting pose. I just couldn't take my eyes of it! Your artist eye is incredible!! Your work is amazingly beautiful and so creative!! This recognition is well-deserved! Kudos!! Lin PS... When I "grow up", I want to be just like YOU!!
  11. All drains removed as of today. I can actually shower...like a real, honest-to-goodness shower tomorrow morning. Wow!! It's an amazing blessing that I really hadn't thought about much till now. We're going to the oncologist tomorrow to learn about what chemo and when. Sigh...... Blessings to all! Lin
  12. Hi to my praying "cheerleaders"! I've laughed and chuckled and been encouraged so much by all of you! Just the thoughts you shared were so filled with joy. My having a "Shirley Temple doo" (thanks, Bonnie!); matching my hair-challenged husband and watching Grandpa's hair blow out the window (thanks, Rita!); complimenting my positive attitude and faith (thanks, Charmaine, Cindy, Bekah, Laura, Lucy, Heidi, Kim, Carol, and all of you sweethearts); another who offered to shave in support (thanks, Lynn Marie). May those happy comments flow from your lips to our Lord's ears!! God bless you all!!! Lin PS... those who offered to shave heads, please keep your hair so I know what I'm heading for. With Spring coming, maybe just shaving our legs is enough support. Winter has been a long time (I'm just saying....}
  13. Sweet Laura, Of course, let's get together once we're "kickin'!" Your positive attitude is inspiring! You'll be prayed for and "loved on" from Roseville!! Blessings, Lin PS... Too Many Notes got a 3rd at Folsom. I'd happily post photos if i knew how. Clark and I just figured out how to post our Avatar. Not too techno-savvy!! :}
  14. Dear Laura, You have my prayers. We Quilting Prayer Warriors have got you covered! May God's peace and love and healing wash over you and refresh you from the inside out. Please keep us posted, OK? I agree with the joy of having quilts to work on. Since having two surgeries for breast cancer in the past 3 weeks, I've felt "Lost" without having the creative joy of quilting. One of my next goals prior to starting chemo in a few weeks is to do a few small, simple, edge-to-edge quilts. I'm saving the custom work for when I have more stamina. By the way, I loved your quilting on the Folsom Opportunity Quilt and on Barbara's Pachyderm. Well-done! I quilt for her, too... did the Geisha quilt and "Too Many Notes" for her. Your quilting is stunning!!! Since we don't live too far apart, I hope to meet you one day. In the meantime, rest under your blanket of prayer! Blessings to you! :):)
  15. Dear Ardelle, Your attitude is amazing! I so appreciate the advice of my "sisters" who have been there. Doctors are good communicators, but most have never "been there." Textbook information is always valuable, but what has made the greatest impact on me is real-life advice. The water part is amazing! I love to exercise (long walks). I'm going to write myself notes about these two things! Hearing what you said about bad hair days made me laugh!! :} Thanks for putting things into perspective. I can use all the advice I can get... I believe in you and the power of prayer and the joy of friendship. Blessings to all of you!! You are sisters of hope!!!
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