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  1. Now I see the website is back up. I have just been waiting and waiting and they keep saying it should be in soon. I guess they must be having problems with their supplier. I don't know what else to do except wait but it's been since February and its almost June! Thanks for the input.
  2. Does anyone know anything about Kingsmen Quilting Supply. I ordered Hobbs 80-20 batting in February and they keep telling me it should be in next week, next week.....Now when I try to go to their website it says "Service Unavailable" Are they still in business? I do not have a wholesale license and am trying to find a roll of 80/20 bleached hobbs batting. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. Sheryl my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.
  4. I don't post that often but have learned so much from all of you. Whenever I have a question everyone is so generous to share their knowledge. I agree with everyone this is the best!
  5. Thanks for all of your help. Karen M. I will call Kingsmen and see what they say. I was just going by what the internet site said. Thanks I will also look into some of the other options provided. Thanks again to all.
  6. I have an Ult II and just quilt for myself. I purchased a roll of batting when I first got my machine back in 2002 and have just run out of batting. My question is does anyone know where a non business can buy a large roll of 96" wide batting. I think the last roll was Hobbs 80/20. Is it still the best or are there new brands that you would recommend. I think I ordered from Kingmen but the shipping is $60.00. That seems a bit high to me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. No good story. Just DH being clumsy. He sat his wine glass down on a table I had a quilt draped over and then bumped the table and knocked the entire glass over. What a mess. The carbona worked wonders. I did not have hydrogen peroxide in the house but next shopping trip will buy some just in case this happens again. Thanks again to all who replied.
  8. Thank you so much for the help. I was able to find Carbona for wine stains at the grocery store today and...... it worked!!!! I was amazed. I thought it was ruined for sure. You may have also saved a life Thank you again.
  9. My DH spilled ALOT of red wine on one of my quilts. It is made of moda brushed fabric. I tried blotting with club soda (it is a large stained area). I tried soaking in cold water. I tried white vinegar and borax mixture. I even tried shout stain remover and washing in the machine on cold. No Luck. Is there anything else I can try before I just give up on it? I have NOT yet given up and put in the dryer. Thanks for any help.
  10. Kerri Do you have instructions on how to use the Hartley Fence? I have an Ultimate II and may be interested but not sure how to use it. Shawn
  11. Debbie That sound great. Do you still have my contact information? phone number, etc. If not let me know and I can call you and leave my number. Thanks
  12. Debbie, I got my machine running again. Not exactly sure which of the things I did corrected the problem but the important thing is it is running..... I have a question for you about the retreat The retreat looks like a lot of fun but I would not be able to get off of work for a whole week. Is it possible to just take a class from Karen McT. or do you have to attend the entire retreat to take a class? Shawn
  13. Happy Belated Birthday and thanks again for the suggestions for my thread breaking problem.