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  1. It is AMAZING! Fabulous job! What kind of batting did you use? That is just perfect!
  2. I have done a Tshirt quilt and I have done a jean quilt but never together. Adding batting to the Jean quilt made it very heavy. I did not quilt it on the longarm because it was made before I got a long arm. The tshirt quilt can be heavier due to the interfacing needed on the tshirts to prevent stretching out. I am not sure with the combination that batting would be necessary at all but maybe someone else can weigh in on that.
  3. Thank you! Angela' s blog is very interesting and true! We are hardest on ourself it seems! I am going to experiment with some of the other battings like Hobb's and Quilters Dream and see which one I like with my quilting style! Thanks again!
  4. This is the first quilt I have posted. I unfortunately do not have much time to quilt on my 2005 Millie. Work and other things get in the way! I have always used Warm and White batting because it is readily available. Often depending on how heavy I quilt it, the quilt looks aged some after washing it. This is probably the first time I was not happy with the results after it was washed. I think it is just the areas that are not as heavily quilted. What kind of batting does everyone else use? Thank you! Lou Ann
  5. I lost my apple corer ruler which I used a lot. Does anyone know where I can get another one? I used it and the dainty ditch ruler the most!
  6. Thank you Linda! I was traveling and did not get to check the website. LoreW, I emailed you. Lou Ann
  7. It is not a green machine. It is a regular millenium. Thanks! Lou Ann
  8. This was the most difficult decision I have had to make. Due to changes in my work schedule I do not have the time that is needed to devote to such an amazing machine! Millie would sit for weeks at a time all alone. I am located in Central PA. Set up and ready to test drive! Produces a beautiful stitch! 2005 Millenium-Purchased 4/07 from APQS. 14' metal table, power advance, stitch regular, manual, DVD, turbo bobbin winder, laser light, etc.. $14,000-Buyer responsible for delivery and shipping. I do have the original boxes. Everything below (except Circle Lord) will be includ
  9. I also ordred one. I am so excited!!!!Thank you for making them reprint it!
  10. Thank you for sharing! The pictures are awesome!!!! I am not a traveler but I have always been drawn to the beauty of Alaska! Looks like Sandy had a blast! Lou Ann
  11. You definitely inspire all of us!! Amazing!! I too am a want to be! I think I have a lot of PPP to go then I need to PPP some more. You are awesome! I signed up for 1 of your classes at the Lancaster, PA show and I have sent an email trying to get into another one. I look forward to meeting you! Lou Ann
  12. I just order a really nice snowflake one from baysidequilting.com
  13. Sorry it is so big! This is the first time I have posted a picture and most not have doneit right! Lou Ann