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  1. I have a beautifully pieced hunters star to quilt for a recommended customer. I want to do it justice. Any ideas?
  2. I think those feathers are fantastic . Beautiful job. You should be proud.
  3. I feel the same way you do Linda. I really appreciate my Liberty. Somebody will be as pleased as us.!
  4. I just received a quilt with the oregon ducks fabric on it for a young boy's birthday in March. He's crazy over those Ducks.
  5. I would possibly be interested in buying it. I would need to know some info on it and what your asking for it. Please send me a u2u
  6. Robin; I really need a photo of what hooks your scissors to. A gpt a easy trimmer and it hands around my neck. I do get stared at when they see it on me but boy does it work when you need it.
  7. Kristina: bless your soul. I read Bonnies blog each day and forgot that was where I saw it. You Made my day thanks again.
  8. I feel silly asking for something I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. I was viewing video of things out new at Market and it was this thread cutter that was I think blue and about 3 inches long and it has like a razor blade in it to cut thread without cutting yourself. I really liked it and wanted to buy some as gifts this holiday season. I know they were $8.99 ea. Anyone out there know what I'm referring to?. If you could direct me to them I would appreciate it greatly.
  9. Well, everyone likes a nice quilt block. Our local quilt store had a block contest titled "Autuum Aspirations" Well, today starts the voting for the block you want to win all the blocks. All you have to do is go to Facebook,Quilt Corral and like the block you want. Each day you can vote . It is a on line voting and in store. Oh what fun.!!!!! The voting ends the 22nd and the winner announced the 23!!!!!!! Please help out all our contestants. Facebook has been a great way to let everyone vote. Sorry, I do not have a block in the contest because I am an employee. We are going to have another contest starting today for the month of December. Read facebook for the details. Oh what fun. If you have any questions please let me know.,
  10. Joan; your quilting is just outstanding. I had made this very quilt and had someone else quilt it. I really like the way you did it. May make it again and have you quilt it. !!!!!!!!!
  11. Tammie; Tell Coy for me that I appreciate his great service to our country. We are very proud of what he is doing for all of us. He certainly has a lovely family to come home to also., God Bless America. Pai, Roy and Myself Gail wish you the best.
  12. I was feeling so close to my forum buddies today while I began to put my twemty blocks together on point. Every other block is solid plus of course the setting triangles. I would appreciate some ideas for borders. When I would read the name on the block I would picture what you look like on this forum with your pics. I feel blessed to know you the way that I do.