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  1. 2007 Miili for sale 5500.00 us 14 foot table, fabric advance, precision panto system, bobbin winder, lots of extras. I am the original owner of this machine. It was used for about 3 years as a business then due to space limitations was stored in a heated dry space so it has very little wear. I love her but need to downsize and just don't have the space or time needed. located in Sicamous BC can ship to Kelowna, Kamloops, or Calgary for free. email for more information
  2. I have a 2007 milli with 14 foot hydrolic table, fabric advance, bobbin winder, lots of accessories for sale. 5000.00 us. I live in the sicamous bc but could have machine shipped to calgary free if that was closer for pick up. please email me if you are intrested.
  3. Penpal83


    I also Have the Euro Pro. Bought one after I saw it here on a forum. Love it. It has lots of pressure so it gets through all the layers. Tried the trick of steaming the batting and bonnie was right made it soft and no pokeys. Penny
  4. Long time no chat. I have been very busy now that I have my Tilli's tension fiqured out. On my fourth quilt and having trouble basting down the sides. They are not straight so some times I have a 1/4 inch sometimes a Half. my machine is going straight cause the commputer is quiding it. is there a trick to getting them straight. They look so ugly. Penny
  5. Hi No not busy quilting. Last week our DLS had it;s annual retreat. Really rustic we have no bathrooms just out houses and we quilt in a cabin made of logs. We have electricity but with 25 machines and 3 irons it sometimes trips. Everyone brings campers it's lots of fun. I have yet to solve my issues so today I am going to the studio and getting on the phone with the big shots.. Hopefully today will be the day. I now have 6 customer quilts waiting and Im starting to feel the pressure.
  6. I think that my problem with tension has to do with the timeing or the CQ..I spent 5 hours trying threads bobbins, bobbin cases, I have three, And nothing is working.. Now the thread breaks too.. I tried the sandwich but the thread just broke every time.. I am going to phone apqs today and see if they can walk me through it. I am a little frustrated as I wanted a finished project for our local quit retreat this weekend..As it stands now the best work I have is the test sandwich I put on when I first got the machine 3 weeks ago. The tension was I just hope to get it fixed to
  7. Ok that makes sense. It being my first one I don't think the backing was completly square. going to go play now... Let ya know if it's better later.
  8. I don't think that I mentioned that the back was flannel.
  9. Ok Heidi I will try that one tommorow. Took the day off today and did some emboidery. Ready to takle the beast again tommorow...
  10. Thanks girls. I did pin baste sides. Funny thing is the top is great lays nice and flat. Yesterday was a trial.. I can't seem to get the tension right..My first quilt sandwich was great then when I loaded this quilt it was good for awhile then it went.... I changed needle, bobbin thread, bobbin case, have a towa gauge tried from 5 to 25.. adjusted the top from really loose to super tight. The bobbin thread just wants to lay on the back no matter what i do... I did change thread and blew out the hook and tesion discs. It is ok now but not great... Iv'e done all i can hopefully some one wi
  11. OH thank you Sue... I will try this.. I tried to copy just the design then paste to a new file. didn't work. I love her designs called dress up and want to make a whole cloth sampler.
  12. Patty Yes my name is Penny. My Business is Copper Penny Quilting Studio.. I thought that I had it pretty loose on the bottom. I also read about the mole thing. I don't have this trouble with my fabric sandwich and hobbs 80/20. This quilt had quilters dream it seemed thin and stretchy. I think that it might be the clamps... It is the worst between panto rows.
  13. Im almost finished my first quilt. Took it off the frame to turn and found that the back has bunched up a bit. Did I have the back to tight or to loose. The top is very nice and even. When you attach the side clamps, they go just on the back right. Not on the whole sandwich. I am also having a hard time setting the tension with the compuquilter. I get really nice tension free hand or SR, but when i use the cq the bobbin thread lays on back. Bobbin seams right, tried to loosen and tighten with no luck. Top was so tight at one point thread was breaking. Any suggestions.
  14. Does anyone know if you can change a dxf design made for intellistitcher in auto sketch for compuquilter. I have some of onesong needle art designs but they have funny starting stiches. I want to know if I can eliminate them from the design. I bought the designs as dxf files and the web site says I can change them in auto sketch. Tried and failed. Thanks