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  1. Sad news, I've ordered from them also...always great service.
  2. Like Sheri, I have many bobbin cases that I use for different thread types. I've dabbed a spot of nail polish on the top of the bobbin case so that they are easily for poly etc
  3. Congratulations to you both, oh how I love romance! love and laughter always Satu
  4. WoW Lyn, wonderful work. Love the quilt and your quilting is simply beautiful. Cheers Satu
  5. I'm fond of 'painted pony quilting''s a little different, makes me smile, easy to remember and you can have some fun with a logo cheers Satu
  6. Von, what a fantastic effort ! Congratulations to you and your band of 18 wonderful quilters Cheers
  7. I've been doing my Jane for near 2 years, a block here, a block there....still a way to go. I'm planning on ditching her aswell. Great job well done! cheers
  8. I guess that makes me a fair nutter ...... I have 3 featherweights and should I come across another for a good price I would have to bring it home. They are irresistably cute. I do need to save my pennies for up front CL. cheers