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  1. A few years ago, when my dad passed away, my brother, sister, a niece and nephew and my son and I were making the arrangements. While having lunch, my brother says, "we have enough money we can get you a plot next to mom and dad." I say, no thanks, I want to be cremated. Just cremate me with my fabric and plant me with dad.... Well, my son says--without even changing facial expressions-WELL, THAT WILL BE A BIG *SS FIRE!!...not sure if he meant it by the size of his mother, or the amount of fabric I own..out of the mouths of babes--he was 26 at the time
  2. I think you did a great job--sure do not see what she can not like...yep, can not please everyone..
  3. I have a poodle/shihtzu mix, and she is the sweetest little thing ever---she just loves life and whatever gets in her way!!! Loves to go for walks, and is a very good watch dog--might be small dog syndrome??? but she lets all the big dogs know she is around. She knows what "do you want to take a nap" means☺☺ They are very smart little dogs, she also puts herself into "time out" when she is bad..... You will so love your new addition. Judy
  4. When I bought my George, I went right down and added his replacement value to a policy all his own. I do not quilt as a business, altho I do have a business in my home, which I do have a separate policy for, because the homeowners policy does not cover "this" or "that"...I hate insurance compaines, when it comes right down to it, they only cover what the hell they want anyways..
  5. Marjorie, My first machine was a little Brother that I bought off HSN--very user friendly, but to small, so after one project bought a slightly bigger one, also off HSN, Singer futura, not quite as user friendly, but sure had more options, Kept that one for a few years and now am on my 3rd machine, again a Singer Futura similar to the 2nd one, but many more options. Just found some real fun things I can do with it, like Hyperfont, cross stitch, photo stitch, monograms. Am having so much fun with it, I have a friend who has Brother Innovis, but she sure paid a whole lot more money for hers than I did miine. You can also go to youtube, and it has demos of some of the machines. I have learned alot by watching those videos. Embroidery is so much fun. the options are endless!!!
  6. that is very pretty, I especially like how you quilted the centers. looks like little snow flakes.
  7. That is such a nice way to lay it out...really like it, Love the fabrics, quilting, nice!!!!
  8. The raffle is over, the drawing was yesterday. Marci, thank you so much for wanting to buy tickets. When I posted the picture, it was the first time of doing so. I had tried one other time, and it did not work. This time it did. Yay, Me...i felt pretty smart at the time. The quilt went to a good home. And the best part--it raised over $4000....how wonderful is that. We live in a small community, less than 3,000 people. Our town, and the surrounding communities really come together for worth while fund raisers. That is why we live in small towns. Judy
  9. Thank you all for the kind comments. The raffle is done, and it went to a good home;). Talked with Robin, who quilted it, and Yes the panto is "mimosa" and the thread is King Tut, Pharaoh's Tales. YOU guys are good!!!!
  10. Thank you all for the comments. It is a huge quilt 95 x 105--all the outside border stars are made from one fabric. I love it when I am given free rein on making a quilt for fundraisers---my voices speak well to me:P...and I have bought enough tickets, that I am hoping to bring it home with me. Also, to use all the fabric up, I made 2 baby star quilts and 5 tablerunners. So more than one chance to win...
  11. Yay!!! I posted a picture, 2 in fact, but not on the same post, but proud it did that. Recently put this quilt in a show and got the Red, 2nd place ribbon for People's Choice!!! Pretty excited about that.
  12. THE RAFFLE IS OVER--RAISED OVER $4,000 FOR THIS YOUTH GROUP... and it went to a good home, as did the rest of the items. It was a good day.. this is a quilt I made for the Lutheran Church youth group to raffle off. I should explain a bit more here, This youth group is going to New Orleans this summer for a convention..The pastor of the church paid for the fabrics and I had it professionally quilted by Robin Schock. But I do have to say it is, by far, the prettiest star quilt I have ever done. And I would not be sad to see it back at my house;).. I do a lot of donation quilts..I love that I have a passion that I can share with others-even if I give it away--AND AS SOMEONE COMMENTED ABOUT "HOW HARD IT WILL BE TO GIVE IT LET IT GO" The winner of this quilt is getting a lecture from me, on how to take care of it.
  13. I only use Signature thread on my George, and use it top and bobbin, never have had a problem with it.