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  1. Okay, folks, this is killing me but I'm offering the machine at $11,000 for a quick sale. Help me out here! Erinn
  2. It is the 14 foot table. If you can pick up I'll do 12,000.
  3. Hi all. Someone called me and I accidentally erased the message before I wrote down the #. Please call back! Also, in a fit of optimism I added lights by Deloa Jones' husband to the table. They are AWESOME. I wouldn't go through with this if I didn't have to, but I must. In consideration of the lights I'm making the package 12,500. It's a great deal for a great machine. e-mail is phone is 240-409-1138
  4. Only in my dreams.... My husband's partner went over for a long vacation and considered not coming back. She said it was incredible. Erinn
  5. I'm in Keymar, a little town just south of Taneytown. We're 25 minutes north of Frederick and west of Westminster, if that helps. Erinn
  6. I have a like new Millie that I've just never got around to using. I've done a couple practice quilts and she runs wonderfully, I just don't seem to get to it. I've got the long table and all the great Millenium features. Got to love the stitch regulator! I'm asking $11,000. I'm including a bunch of pantos and thread. I've got some fabulous books that will get you excited with the possiblities and hopefully keep you busy using the machine. Please e-mail or call 240-409-1138. Thanks, have a great day!
  7. In case anyone is curious, I'm going with a Millenium. Thanks for all the replies!
  8. Which code do you all use on your federal paperwork? I've checked out the list and can't figure out which industry title really covers what quilters do. TIA, Erinn
  9. I'm not sure the EZ-Q has sold me totally on APQS, but then it's old and used and might not be performing up to snuff. What I've learned is that longarm (or shortarm, in this case) quilting in definitely something I enjoy doing and want to pursue, which was my goal in purchasing this machine. I didn't want to jump into a $15,000 to $17,000 machine without a quilt or two under my belt. I've test driven the Gammills and was shocked at how far longarms have come since mine was made, but won't be able to experience a new APQS until Thursday. I also, honestly, haven't been too impressed with the APQS customer service. I called four times over a span of two days and finally at the end of the second day got a call back so that I could BUY stuff. If it's hard to buy from a company, I'm not sure how they'll be once I've bought. Everyone has mentioned the great customer service, but I just didn't see it. I have, however, seen the Gone Quilting video and it was pretty convincing. So there is my dilemma, with more detail than anyone probably wants. I want the best machine, with the best service. I'm not sure either machine would be a huge mistake, but I want my quilting time to be as problem-free as possible. Thanks to everybody for your comments. Erinn
  10. I'm looking to upgrade from an APQS EZ-Q and am wondering why you all chose an APQS machine over Gammill. I'm having trouble choosing which to buy. Convince me! Erinn