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  1. All of you dear ladies are such a hoot! I'm shoveling out my guest room to make room for company next week. What an ordeal! I'm up past my eyes with my stable full of pigs and pips and other acronym critters. If my DH only knew, then he'd throw it all out.....then what? SEX to replace it all? We had a dear family member pass away over the summer and some other stuff like a broken arm on the football son, etc. so I have been doing a lot of "retail therapy". I've become very good at hiding it good that I forgot that it made it into the guest room (stable) with the other pigs and pips. I guess I should start a list of my squirreled away pigs & pips until that magic sewing room appears. Have a great day!
  2. I'm a Bernina gal. My mom bought a new one over 30 years ago. When I could get my own, 12 years ago, I bought a 1090 S. It still works great! I just added to the collection the 730E. My youngest of 5, and ONLY daughter, LOVES my sewing machines. She calls them her "Bachines" and talks all the time about wanting her own. I figure when she's just a tad older, the 1090 will be a good one for her to learn on / have. She's really into quilting and talks about the fabric she likes and points in the magazines to all of the quilts she wants me to make for her. It will be a while before it's her turn. With 5 kids, I've had to start a list to keep track of who gets the next quilt Natalie
  3. I don't have my LA "yet". But, I do use a credit card processing company for another home business. It's Propay. There is an annual fee and based upon which processing package you choose the fee varies. I don't process too many cards, so I use the least expensive fee, the processing percentage is a bit higher. There is a processing fee and a small 35 cent transfer fee if you want to transfer funds to your bank account. I usually try to transfer a lump sum of funds at a time instead of after each processing. They offer a "pre-paid" card linked to your account to use. There is no monthly minimum and you can process the cards via online or phone. I find that with the business I do, offering the credit card option has been nice for long distance customers and I have seen that people will spend a little more when I accept the cards. the website is Good luck!
  4. Just curious if you did sell your machine. Thanks, Natalie