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  1. For a huge range of No Frills rulers, where you can find heaps of choices - you can visit your favourite mail order company!! or There are some unique rulers here that can help you create some wonderful original designs (limited only by your imagination) and also at a wonderful price. I also like Jodi Beamish templates to create rope borders. Very well designed for a specific purpose! Yes I am affiliated with the No Frills ruler, but not with Jodi's except I love her stuff!! Hope this widens the wonderful choices we all have to make with our business's! Cheers
  2. Hi Connie One thing I haven't seen mentioned to try - is to turn the spool/cone up the other way? To discover which way to pop my thread on the stand I always do the following test.... Sit the spool/cone on your table. Grab the end of the thread between your thumb & finger of one hand and pull about 10 inches off the spool/cone. Then grab the thread close to the spool/cone using your other hand (between thumb & finger) and lift the thread so that it forms a U shape with your hands nearly touching. IF the thread naturally twists together then turn the spool/cone over & repeat with a fresh length of thread. The U of the thread should NOT twist together but hang naturally in the shape of a U. When the thread does this , you have found the correct orientation of your spool/cone of thread. Have a go & see what you find?? It all depends on how the spool/cone has been wound in the fiirst place.... Goodluck & keep us posted on what your fix is?? Tracey Browning
  3. oops, the white line across the centre of the block design is there to show that you can stitch the top half of the design and carry over to the sashing & next block without breaking your thread then come back in the other direction to complete the bottom half of the row!!! It is not a stitching line..... Cheers Tracey
  4. Hi Donna My thoughts would be to freehand a design to make the design pop! But then I 'm a freehand gal...... A motif in all the white squares that you could do continuously across each row with no stops & starts. The white sashings could be a diamond to assist in moving from one block to the next.....HOpe this picture comes out so that you can see what I mean. Please excuse the very poor mouse drawings VVBG Hope this helps a little.... Tracey from Australia
  5. Hi Jacqueline Most of the rulers will fit any machine that you may own. However some of them are machine specific and now I will need to know whether you also have the new ruler foot from APQS or the old one that uses the plastic adaptor for rulers/templates. On my website I have a drop down box on my ruler order form to allow you to let me know what type of machine that you have. Not sure on Dan's site at Columbia River Quilting you would have to check that out.... The rulers that are machine specific are the applique guide, shells rulers and the swags rulers! There are also pictures of these rulers, tips & tricks on using them, inspirational photos and diagrams to assist you in getting the most from them. Make sure that you 'think outside the square' with the rulers that you do own. There are many alternative applications for these different shapes other than the obvious that you can utilise to get the best value for your money!! Hope this helps some of you and thankyou Linda for your wonderful comments - I am so pleased that you are enjoying your Aussie rulers!! Cheers from Australia Tracey Browning Agery, South Australia
  6. Hi Tad If you go to my website there are a lot of pictures that you can use... if you want to. will get you to the award winning ones that are fine to use with no copywrite issues. Well the 'Daisy Dance' and Lace #1 wholecloth mainly. The Moonglow hardly shows the quilting anyway.... Hope this helps you!! Cheers Tracey Browning Beautiful South Australia......
  7. Mine was there too --- "Daisy Dance" ... 3rd place in the Traditional Custom. Had been a huge high over here since we heard last week!! Tracey Browning South Australia
  8. I have been noticing more & more a serious 'rattle' in my bobbin area? When you grab the shaft with thumb & finger with no bobbin or case inserted, I can wiggle it in & out as well as sideways! Is this a problem????? So far the machine is still stitching fine but I am starting to be a little concerned with the noise & possible long term results with this..... Would love some feedback on whether all machines do this & I am just only starting to notice this OR whether this is something that needs to be looked at & corrected before damage is done? I have a Millennium machine & was purchased in June 2002. Tracey Australia