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  1. Hi Carol I love the Filter pre wounds. I find they give the best tension on my machine and use them most of the time. They have a large range of colours and also do matching cones.
  2. Hi, I want to remove my thread cutter as I don't use it and it creates extra weight. However I can't work out how to do it. I can see I need to insert a long screwdriver to reach the screws but one of the front screws is obstructed by other mechanisms. Does anyone know how I overcome this and also whether there is anything else to do other than releasing the 4 screws? Many thanks Chris.
  3. Hi Mary Beth.........I always remember you fondly for the pulled pork!
  4. Having moved my machine, I'm having problems working out the best way to position the cables. Can anyone who has a Millie on a Bliss table with IQ, take a photo of the left side (from front). My cables seem to always be in the way of something and also get caught on the back of the carriage. Many thanks, Chris
  5. Thanks Sharon but I want to use Red Snappers when I'm not using the Zippers, so need to construct an extension.
  6. Hi I want to get some new 'extension' leaders to zip on and off my existing ones. I'm thinking I can make these but wondered what weight canvas I should buy. Also, I haven't found any canvas that is 12ft wide so is it OK to use the length or selvedge parallel to the rollers? Many thanks for any advice you can offer. Chris
  7. I have had stitches unravel from the edges before the binding is applied. I use manual and computerised. The problem mostly occurs if the quilt is not completely square so I may have set the side to finish stitching at a certain point ( the widest) but if the quilt goes in any stitching will extend onto the batting. When the batting is cut away, it is impossible to leave a long tail to go in the binding?
  8. Hi This is a general question about securing the edges of a quilt after quilting is complete. In my experience there are different practices in use. One of my concerns is the quilt stitches becoming unravelled from the edges. This is easy to eliminate when free-handing or doing a pants by doing some extra stitches at the beginning and end of a row but when using a computerised system, stitching can sometimes go off the edges of a quilt, especially if it is not quite square. So how do you secure your stops and starts at the edges of a quilt, if at all?
  9. Hi Mark Sorry I missed you at the show. Had I known ................... Hope you had a good time & safe journey home Bonding well with my new machine.
  10. Many congratulations to Janette Chilver who has won best in show at Festival of Quilts at the NEC Birmingham UK where I have just spent a wonderful first day. The quilt is beautifully pieced and quilted. Well done Janette. Chris
  11. Hi Linda Thanks. Yes the button works, it just doesn't cut. I'll try your suggestion. Chris
  12. Hi From new, my thread cutter has never worked. I don't need to use it all the time but sometimes it would be useful. Does it need adjusting or a new blade (although this blade hasn't really been used) Thanks Chris
  13. Hi I'm just wondering. I've noticed that with my new Millie, when I finish stitching, it takes a single stitch. When I then pull the bottom thread up to knot and bury, there already seems to be a knot there. Does this last stitch tie a knot? I do another knot on top, just in case! Chris
  14. Hi I'm just wondering. I've noticed that with my new Millie, when I finish stitching, it takes a single stitch. When I then pull the bottom thread up to knot and bury, there already seems to be a knot there. Does this last stitch tie a knot? I do another knot on top, just in case! Chris
  15. I've never heard of the Spiral needle but I like the sound of it as I knot and bury everything as I go along. It seems they are only made/available in the States (I'm UK). Postage is quite high at approx $10 - it can only weigh a few grams!! Anyway can anyone who uses them tell me which size I should buy? Thanks Chris
  16. If basting for a hand quilter, can I ask what stitch set up people use and how you might go about it. I'm not sure what I do is the best as I've never read anything on it. Thanks Chris
  17. Hi Teresa I understand the edgerider wheels are now designed to run using an edgerider carriage. I had a prototype of Edgerider wheels developed for the Lenni prior to the introduction of the edgerider carriage which ran well on my original table. The edgerider carriage was better, which also ran on vertical wheels. Bliss is probably the next step if the edgerider carriage has not worked for you. Chris
  18. Hi Teresa Have just read all these posts. My heart sank at the gravity of what was happening for you but lifted at the welcome and joyous news you received. So pleased your prayers were answered. Chris
  19. I also struggle with King Tut although I have not used it since buying my new (2nd) APQS. Glide is my thread of choice (top and especially bottom), but I also run Highlights which I like on top. Bottom Line & So Fine run well but I prefer them on the back. Isacord runs really well too. I prefer pre-wounds of Glide or Bottom Line.
  20. Following on from a previous post of renting out your machine, what would you include in a Longarm Orientation Class. I actually do not have any intention of renting mine out but the ladies at my quilt group are keen to visit my studio to see/try a machine so I'm attempting to put something together. Thanks Chris
  21. I try to do samples of my most used pantos. As I do a new one, I will do another sample. It really helps seeing a bit stitched out. Chris
  22. Bulk in the seams as already mentioned. Although most people press seams to one side, sometimes it is necessary to open seams. Batiks can be harder to stitch through, as can sheeting or high thread count fabrics. Some batting or a combination of all these factors can cause problems. Chris
  23. I have a 2008 Lenni with IQ which I have now sold (keeping my IQ) and hope to soon receive my Millie with fabric advance, Bliss table and Quilt Glide. Together with my IQ, I'm really excited to get playing with. I also liked the look of the Bernina when I saw it last summer but also felt it was early days for them. Far better that they iron out the inevitable glitches. It will be interesting to watch their journey. If it's anything like their DSM's, it should do well. Simply their name will sell quite a few. Chris
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