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  1. I just looked at the APQS store - the SuperBob bobbins are 12 for $10.50 and the Magna-Glide are 2 for $11.95. And cream-colored bobbins are available in Magna-Glide.
  2. I don't know where you are looking for bobbins, so I can't specifically answer your questions, but my guess would be the $10.50 is for 10 bobbins. Most places do carry cream or off-white bobbins, so it could be they are currently out of stock if you can't find them. As to your second question, I did a quilt like that and had no problem with the thread shredding, but it might help if you use a ball point needle. I don't know if that's the problem in this case, but it sounds as though you've tried everything else!
  3. I use FB a lot, but my preference is the forum. Somehow FB just seems so impersonal.
  4. Each of the Bubble boards are 22.5". When you reach the end of the first board and go on to the second, you simply pick up the first board and move it to the left of the second one to extend the length. Because of their size, they're very easy to move.
  5. I trim most of the quilts I do for customers, but I trim an inch away from the edge of the top, not next to it. It makes the quilt easier for them to handle, but it gives them plenty of extra around the edge. I return the trimmed batting and backing to them, of course.
  6. It's a beautiful quilt, and I love the story. Her mom will really enjoy it, I'm sure.
  7. It's beautiful, and I love your choice of pantos for this one.
  8. I love those elephant quilts, and your quilting took it to a whole new level. Beautiful!
  9. Bonnie, I don't think I want to break up the sets, but let me give it some thought. Thanks.
  10. Update #3: The Chinook boards have been sold. I'm asking $140 for the remaining boards (2 Wave on Wave and 2 Denise's Spirals) or $74 per set of boards. Update #2: Two of the Wave on Wave Boards and the Bubbles boards have been sold. Will sell the remaining 7 boards for $244 or per set of boards at the prices shown. Thanks! Update: The Bubbles boards have been wold. Will sell the remaining for $315. R&S Pattern boards for sale. From left to right: Chinook (3 boards), Bubbles (2 boards), Wave on Wave (4 boards), Denise's Spirals (2 boards). Would prefer to sell all together for $385 (includes ground shipping in the Continental U.S.). If sold separately, the cost would be $111 for Chinook, $74 for Bubbles, $148 for Wave on Wave, and $74 for Denise's Spirals.
  11. Beautiful! You did a great job on the top, and the quilting really enhances it!
  12. Beautiful! The back is as gorgeous as the front.
  13. I'm selling my Towa (L-size bobbins) for $40, which includes shipping in the U.S. I don't have the instructions(unless they miraculously show up this afternoon!), but there are a lot of videos, etc. available on the Internet. I also have two rolls (12" x 20') of Golden Threads paper. One roll has never been opened; the other has about 6" missing. $7 each or both for $12.50 (includes shipping in the U.S.). Louise
  14. My client has requested an E2E design for her Double Wedding Ring. I'm drawing a blank! I'd welcome any suggestions for a panto that would be a good one for a DWR. Thanks!
  15. I'm so sorry to hear this news. You and your family will be in my prayers.
  16. I don't know what it is, but I sympathize. I went through it about a month ago - was pretty much out of commission for a week (that's probably not what you want to hear!). Hope you get better sooner than that,
  17. Update: Mine have been sold Trudie, all three books are for freehand designs. One is on meandering, one is on borders and sashings, and one is on textures and fillers. I have a set that I'd sell for $40 (includes shipping) if anyone is interested.
  18. Thanks for an uplifting post on Monday morning! The quilt is beautiful, and I hope it raises a lots of funds to help the family.
  19. Some come to my house, some meet me at the LQS, some give it to me when they see me at a meeting - I can be as flexible as they need me to be!
  20. It's gorgeous. Congrats to both you and Vonnie.
  21. I computerized a little over a year ago, and I'm starting to clear out some of the things I'm no longer using. I have some Circle Lord and R&S boards that I'll eventually get listed, but I'm starting with some pantos today. I'd prefer to sell them all together. There are 17 of them, and I'll sell them in a group for $140, which includes shipping to the lower 48. Here's what's available: Holly Bells by Jodi Beamish Glacee by Jodi Beamish Rosie by Jodi Beamish Double Plume by Keryn Emmerson Sugar Plums by MeadowLyon Victorian Gingerbread by MeadowLyon Ginko Leaves by Patricia Ritter Holly Jolly Christmas by Patricia Ritter and Melonie Caldwell Regalia by Hermoine Agee Fantasia by Hermoine Agee Feathers with a Twist by Hermoine Agee Ribbon Hearts #2 by Hermoine Agee Fleur by Hermoine Agee Christmas Forest by Hermoine Agee Rodeo by Apricot Moon Hearts a Flutter by Lisa Calle Figure 8 border/panto by Dave Hudson Thanks for looking! Louise
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