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  1. Mom's little Featherweight is going to Meg in New York !! Thanks for all the other inquiries.
  2. Attagirl, Carol!!! That was some challenge. The finished quilt looks great!
  3. Yes, it is still available. I have had some inquiries, and am checking on shipping costs today, but no definite sale yet! If you email me your zipcode, I can get you a shipping estimate. kusmaul@embarqmail.com
  4. No attachments, but I have a copy of where to oil. You can get copies of the instruction manuals from Singer.
  5. That last one shows when it was manufactured. This is the last photo!!
  6. I am not sure how to get several photos in one post, so may need to spread them out among several. When I bought this machine, it did not have a case, so we have used this file box, which works great. The machine has been used for classes, and runs perfectly. Apparently, the original owner was named W.I.Chase, as that is engraved near the bobbin case.
  7. You may email me if interested. kusmaul@embarqmail.com
  8. I bought my mom a Featherweight sewing machine years ago, and she cannot use it now, so I would like to sell it. (I already have one of my own) It is in beautiful condition – was manufactured in 1950. I am asking $250 for it. I paid $350. Please let me know if you are interested, or if you know someone else who may be interested. It is perfect if you travel, or need a machine for classes – it only weighs 11 pounds. These machines were built to outlast their owners. This one has been well cared for. Thanks much, Karol Kusmaul Inverness,FL
  9. Forgot to mention, it's called 'material moments.' (I had to think of something quick!)
  10. I am just dipping my toes into the sea of bloggers. Can you please add me to the APQS Blogroll? http://kquilt.blogspot.com/ thanks much, Karol Kusmaul Inverness, FL