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  1. Hello out there ! I am probably saying this twice - very stunned on computors. Can anyone tell me if the compu-quilter is as easy to use as they are telling me ? I am trading my Freedom in for one but not being a computer whiz, I am nervous since I love my Freedom. Hope I am not making a mistake. I have no problem using my embroidery machine but I think the size of the compu-quilter scares me. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks . Linda:mad::o
  2. note to April's daughter Jessica I, like your daughter spent both of my pregnancies "puking" 'til the end. I lost over 20 pounds the first few months and then was terribly sick. I couldn't get out of bed without throwing up. I don't know if this is of any help to you but it has been found out that women who suffer from nausea all through their pregnancies (instead of just a short time) are usually suffering from a vitamin B difficiency. I was , but didn't know about it until years later. Maybe your daughter has this. It certainly is worth checking into. To this day I take extreme amounts of B vitamins to feel good. All the best. I certainly empathize with your daughter. Hope she has a beautiful , healthy baby . Linda
  3. Hi Terri (soon to be Freedom owner) I have a Freedom - wonderful machine - It may take you a while to get to know your Freedom but not much can go wrong with it. The only thing I've had to purchase is a new bobbin case and needles. I found I was very frustrated at first until I really got aquainted with it now I am trading up to a Compu-quilter. APQS is taking my head as a trade in and we're going from there. My husband is a farmer as well and I have my machine in the living room ( for the last 4 years). My garage still isn't done. Oh, well. You need lots of natural sunlight so make sure he puts in big windows. Actually, the living room work great ! Wish you well. Linda
  4. Hi I'm new here. What is a "millie"? Would it be a millenium ? I want to upgrade my Freedom for something with a stitch regulator. Linda