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  1. Lucy, So, so sorry to hear this. Prayers and (((Hugs))) coming your way. Please, if you need any help, just call me. Sheryl
  2. Dawn, please don't misunderstand. When it came down to the really important things, you guys/gals have been super! I know you are terribly busy. I think you and Heidi both need personal assistants. Someone to remind you of things, schedule stuff and return initial emails and phone calls. Ya know, someone to help keep you organized! I know I need one and I don't have a demanding job like the two of you! Keep up the good work! Sheryl
  3. That sounds great! Count me in. I like the idea of a note with the names, etc. so we can print it off and use as a label on the back. One would think that being unemployed, I'd have all the time in the world. I'm getting caught up on all the things that have been left untouched for the last ????? years since we built this house. I will definitely make time for this! Sheryl
  4. I'm really sorry Lorraine was having such a tough time getting the help she needed, but also a little relieved too. I was afraid it was just me. I've had a couple of little issues, and not a lot of help. I know they are terribly busy, but after a while, I just got paranoid and gave up. I should probably put "my big girl panties" on and try again. I'm glad Lorraine got the help she needed. Sheryl
  5. Sylvia! That quilt is just gorgeous!! Love, love, love it! First thing out of my mouth when I saw it was "Oh my!", followed my a big "sigh". I've been a busy little beaver outside, working on neglected landscaping. I think it's time to get back to the quilting. I'll never, never be that good! Sheryl
  6. Just posted it to my FB wall. When I think of all the times I've fried my skin, (like just yesterday!) yikes! Will I ever learn? Probably not. At least my Daughters are smarter than their Mother. They pour on the sunscreen and make their girls use it too. Thanks for posting the link! Sheryl
  7. Oh Lucy, sorry I haven't checked in here much lately. Been busy doing stuff outside. We are just fine here. I don't think we even had any rain. Brian's son called and said they were in the basement. They live about 1 mile west and 4 miles north of Saratoga and the tornado went over their house. Lots of trees down. Two big evergreen trees, roots and all. Then we noticed a line of debris in the field, steel from a shed or bin. Made sure they were OK and then we went driving around. The trees that that thing took out! I know the farms and the houses are a terrible thing, I'm not making light of that. But to see the wooded sections that house all the deer that run in front of us reduced to toothpicks, it's just mind boggling. There was a farm a couple of miles south of Chester that was totally destroyed and the 93 year old owner was sitting in his living room when it hit. He somehow ended up underneath some furniture and only ended up with minor scratches. That tornado ended up in WI and took the roof off of the K-mart and a lot of houses got damaged. Even got as far as Sparta and blew the windows out of a Chevy dealership. I have a feeling this is going to be a crazy summer. Thanks for checking in on me. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Sheryl
  8. WOW!!!!! I am not worthy, I am not worthy. (Imagine me bowing to you)
  9. Vicki, Just heard on the Today show that if you crush a couple of aspirins (or more depending on how many stings, like yours) and make a paste with water and smear that on the stings, that can help reduce the swelling and the pain. Please, please be careful from now on. That looks just miserable. I've only been stung once in my 50plus years and that was enough for me. Take care! Sheryl
  10. Great job!! Beautiful quilt and the quilting is outstanding. I'm with Sylvia, that border is awesome! Looks like a lot of work and time and you done good! Sheryl
  11. Sheryl, I am so, so sorry for your loss. Prayers and (((((HUGS))))) Sheryl
  12. WOW!! Going into my favorites for sure. Just beautiful!! Sheryl
  13. That will be so cute! Isn't a great feeling to be relaxed, recharged and full of energy and creativity. You go girl! You deserve it! Sheryl