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  1. Since floor space is always a premium, look what my wonderful husband made. I can't figure how to edit to rotate the pics, sorry!
  2. My husband, like you had no sewing experience, but felt challenged to complete a quilt. He first decided that he must have a Singer 404 due to their "strength" and smoothness. He then selected his pattern ( a bargello that he had seen on this website, quilted by Nadia Wilson). He then poured over fabric until he found a selection of Moda tonal fabrics. He ordered his pattern and went to work. I only offered verbal assistance, defining cutting and sewing terms. I even made him learn to iron his seams properly. Once the top was complete, I informed him that he had to learn to quilt it. (h
  3. We gave our two 10-year old granddaughters Singer 301 machines for their birthdays. They spent two days working on their quilts. I did the cutting and ripping out when seams did not meet my approval, but they did the sewing and most of the ironing.
  4. The Circle Lord stylus is too snug to use with these. I do not have a Quitazoid stylus so cannot tell you about it.
  5. I am getting rid of a few items because they are duplicates or little/never used. I am asking $10/per item, plus shipping. There is a 6.5" pinched square, a Willow leaf studio Sew Clear Wave 4.5" & 6, a Hartley ruler, a 12" blacklite, a 12"feathered wreath, 3- 6 5/8" x 24" feather borders and a feathered corner. (the design boards are Handi-Quilter or Groovy, I think). Mesaage me if you have questions. These items are in excellent used shape.
  6. I was able to recently upgrade my Millennium to a brand new head and the Bliss rails. As a result, I have a 2007 Turbo Winder that is for sale. It works great! I will sell it for $150 plus shipping. Please contact me: Text : 417-838-1036 Email: mrg_wakefield@yahoo.com Thanks!
  7. I have quilted one like this, it was just as pretty, but the customer wanted crosshatching behind the applique, she loved it when it was finished.
  8. Well that certainly did not take long to fill. Wish I could find several more......
  9. $.50 at garage sale, partial can Rustoleum Oil bronzed spray paint = new thread holder that will hold 50 large spools of thread. Happy Quilter = priceless No idea what the original use for this was, but I plan to mount it on the wall. Will post a pic later when I have it filled.
  10. So sorry about dealing with your mother, prayers for you there. I would gladly get your paypal to you, but don't know what to allow for shipping. When you have a chance, let me know. There is no hurry on my part as we leave for vacation on Tuesday so I am sure they will arrive while we are gone. Take care of yourself!! Margie
  11. I would like to buy the Cables. Let me know how you would like paid, check or paypal. Thanks, Margie
  12. I would like to buy the Red E Edge clamps. Let me know how you would like payment. Thanks, Margie
  13. Brad has been going back to school as well, decided a degree in Biology might help him. Who knows what will help him. :D So he knows exactly where you are coming from. Should take him another year or two depending on how intense his semesters are and whether he has to take off this fall due to job conflicts. Congratulations sweetie!!
  14. Someone had answered this question a long time ago recommending using a Simflex Expanding Sewing Guage. These are found at Hancock's of Paducah.( probably other places as well) Easily divides any section into your beadboard.
  15. As for the blue marker, yes, full immersion can be required to remove as just swiping with a damp cloth allowed mine to reappear multiple times when I was doing an Angel Baby quilt from a wedding dress. ( I about panicked, but followed up by complete dunk in bleach.....yes BLEACH water in the bath tub) As for colored chalk, I have had occasion when it appears to have been removed from the cloth, but the thread seems to have taken on the color, and even with the bleach water it was still faintly visible. I have never had trouble with the white chalk, but the white is not always visible on the
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