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  1. Since floor space is always a premium, look what my wonderful husband made. I can't figure how to edit to rotate the pics, sorry!
  2. My husband, like you had no sewing experience, but felt challenged to complete a quilt. He first decided that he must have a Singer 404 due to their "strength" and smoothness. He then selected his pattern ( a bargello that he had seen on this website, quilted by Nadia Wilson). He then poured over fabric until he found a selection of Moda tonal fabrics. He ordered his pattern and went to work. I only offered verbal assistance, defining cutting and sewing terms. I even made him learn to iron his seams properly. Once the top was complete, I informed him that he had to learn to quilt it. (he wanted his quilted like the original that he had seen, requiring ruler work from corner to corner, giving it a curved look). I only offered to do the hand sewing on his binding as I had seen his handwork when he offered to show me a faster way to do hand quilting on my antique quilting frame. The quilt turned our beautifully. ( he is a perfectionist, so I expected it )
  3. We gave our two 10-year old granddaughters Singer 301 machines for their birthdays. They spent two days working on their quilts. I did the cutting and ripping out when seams did not meet my approval, but they did the sewing and most of the ironing.
  4. The Circle Lord stylus is too snug to use with these. I do not have a Quitazoid stylus so cannot tell you about it.
  5. I am getting rid of a few items because they are duplicates or little/never used. I am asking $10/per item, plus shipping. There is a 6.5" pinched square, a Willow leaf studio Sew Clear Wave 4.5" & 6, a Hartley ruler, a 12" blacklite, a 12"feathered wreath, 3- 6 5/8" x 24" feather borders and a feathered corner. (the design boards are Handi-Quilter or Groovy, I think). Mesaage me if you have questions. These items are in excellent used shape.
  6. I was able to recently upgrade my Millennium to a brand new head and the Bliss rails. As a result, I have a 2007 Turbo Winder that is for sale. It works great! I will sell it for $150 plus shipping. Please contact me: Text : 417-838-1036 Email: mrg_wakefield@yahoo.com Thanks!
  7. I got my book in the mail yesterday! I am so excited and can't wait to get started on that quilt.
  8. That is absolutely stunning! I HAVE to order that book. I have so many ideas for quilts already in my head that I don't often see one and say THAT quilt I have to make. I LOVE the quilting job, hope that I can emulate yours.
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