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  1. Here is one of three quilt tops I have been given by coworker. Her DH great and grand mothers hand quilted. This one has a lot of repairs done to the fabric as it is old. It was only 72 " wide, so I added the border. I wanted to keep it "old looking". I will bind it with the backing fabric which I think continues the old theme.
  2. If you want to downplay the stars, this is what I would make sashing smaller. Just a thought.
  3. I have seen several posts from people wanting to purchase a used circle lord. Has anyone been successful in buying a used one, used ones seem to be pretty rare. Just in case, I have been looking at them quite seriously and would be interested IF there is anyone willing to part with it.
  4. PRICELESS?? My husband says I can never resist anything half off - that's why I chose him! Hearing about others mistakes, makes me think "Oh, I have done that" or "I will have to remember NOT to do that" (as in advancing w/ needle down as I often do to line up my next row when I use panto".
  5. Actually, the bobbin turned up close to the middle of a 104" X 108" quilt that I'm doing for my DIL. I'm glad I was using a pantograph instead of stippling or feathers!! Thankfully I saw it before rolling it up on the take-up roll. As for my "blessing" of a DH.... He couldn't wait to get this posted. He thinks he's very funny. Margie
  6. My wife discovered a wonderful new system for storing extra bobbins and was just too modest to post so I'm doing it for her. I'm sure that if anyone is interested, she'll be glad to post step-by-step instructions, but it'll have to be later, she's busy frogging right now...
  7. I do like the wreaths, they look clean and neat, maybe w/the stippling in the blank parts as suggested. You are right, the flowers appear too busy. I do like the SID and the hearts in the red border are great!
  8. This is 2nd t-shirt quilt I have done. Made matching pillowcases from pink/shamrock fab. This is off to college in Chicago from hillbilly town in MO.
  9. I have two questions...I saw a tiger panto and it was done from the front of the machine....#1 HOW do you do that? #2 WHERE do you get the panto? Thanks