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  1. Sherry, Will you have copies of your book at the APQS classes in March? I'm planning on taking two of your classes and was just wondering. Thanx, Pat Werner
  2. Don't know whether this will help but my DH hung a round metal rod and I attached ball bearing shower curtain rings. The shower curtain rings slide great and they hold the electric cord up and out of the way. Total cost was about $20. Not bad for a DIY project. Pat Werner;)
  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you - I think I've settled on the judalator. It looks like the easiest and most "user friendly" to use. I have been lurking around here for quite some time gathering information from you fine folks. I've had my Liberty for just over a year and couldn't be a happier camper. Everytime I think I'm stumped I get on here and voila - there's the answer. Can't believe how helpful and willing to share info quilters are. Again thanks Pat Werner;)
  4. I'm looking for a good curved crosshatching ruler. Have looked at several but would like an opinion on which one you everyone likes the best. I'm new and need some insight, please. Pat Werner
  5. Somewhere I heard that you could buy porcelain fishing pole guides that would not groove like the metal guides. I've not had my machine long enough to worry about grooving yet but am wondering if I should look into the fishing guides or just replace the metal with metal. Thanks, Pat
  6. Thanks a million - I'm off to Radio Shack in the morning. DH is making sure the electricity is OK so everything should be fine now. Again thanks for replying. pat
  7. This weekend I was quilting away and the machine just stopped. After much stress and searching I find that my fuse had blown (mine and the machine's). Where do I find one of these little fuses. Don't find them on the list of accessories or parts for APQS. I have the spare in but now need to replace the spare. If this has already been posted I do apologize but I'm a newbie. Thanks for any help you can give me. pat werner
  8. Jane, I recently had major problems with threads and ended up making the bobbin tension REALLY loose and threaded only one hole above the tension knob. I have a Liberty and this worked for me. Don't whether it's the right thing to do but I used metallic Sulky on a wallhanging and never had one bit of problems. My thought was if it works why not. I thread all the holes when using regular thread but specialty threads work with just one hole for me. Pat
  9. If you have access to a "roto zip" tool they have a circle maker and make wonderful plexiglass circles in all sizes - even 12"across. A good friend of mine loaned me his and I've been going crazy making all kinds of templates. You can cut wood or plexiglass with these and they're great.
  10. Thanks for the input to my problems. Have had to work all last week so today is devoted to tension solving problems. I am determined to whip this as I just love the look of the polyquilter thread. The friend that I did the quilt for just loved it and didn't mind the pokies at all. She's going to wash it and see if they disappear. Thank heavens for GOOD friends. Anyway...... it's off to play today with a full pot of coffee, maybe that should be a full bottle of wine. I'll let you all know how it goes. Thanks again. pat
  11. Have been working on a quilt for a friend that has black batting and black backing. Used Polyquilter thread on top and black bottom line in the bobbin. Problem is every once in a while a piece of top thread would pull to the bottom and break off looking like a stray. Needless to say I didn't notice this until I looked underneath to check tension. Tension wasn't the greatest as the top thread kept pulling thru making the backing look like white batting pokies as well. Used a new needle and fiddled with tension forever. What am I doing wrong? I'm so new I'm not familiar with all the trick
  12. Thanks soooo much for the replies. Had DH tighten several screws at the back and middle of the machine case and the needle plate was also loose. Sounds a little better so am going to quilt awhile and see how it goes. Great to have such a support group. Thanks again and I'm off quilting again. pat
  13. I'm sorry not to reply earlier - gone at work all week. I have a Liberty and the sound seems to be coming from above the needle. Not a really bad sound just sounds like it needs to be oiled up there. No metal on metal or grinding just a little noisier. Maybe it's just me but thought I should check it out nevertheless. Have oiled the wicks enough that the oil was dripping out so know I have that covered. Just not as smooth a sound as it was before. I've had my machine just a year this month. Thanx for the response. pat
  14. My machine has been nothing but a sweetheart until today when it sounds like it needs oil and is vibrating. I've cleaned with WD40 and oiled everywhere I was told to. Is there something else I'm supposed to do and not aware of it? Doesn't vibrate until I really pick up speed. Never have had any of these problems so really not sure what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx pat
  15. Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and adjusted them a little looser than what Bob and Jim adjusted them when they delivered my new "Queen" Liberty and I think they're running better for me. I just took my first class with Dawn at the showroom yesterday and she explained some things that really helped. I'm just so new that I need to get adjusted to the different positions of running front vs. back. Other than that I couldn't be happier with my new machine. Thanx again, pat
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