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  1. I've used a different type of rope tool. It works very well. Here's the link http://www.quiltersrule.com/mailings/2007weekly/spring-summerNewProducts.html. I believe it comes in 2 sizes. Good luck on your project. Linda
  2. Millenium head started out as a demo for the first 3 months of 2007 with Myrna Ficken. I need to sell it for financial reasons. I started using it in May 2007. It has been lightly used for personal use only. It has all the great things of a Millie, such as the motorized feed, stand alone bobbin winder, ergonomic handles, lower thread cutter, channel locks, front & rear laser. I added the hydraulic lift system, the Hartley Fence, Hartley Microdrive, Hartley base expander & acrylic guides, Hartley dual spool holder, Hartley front spool holder. I've added extra bobbin cases, bobbins and a curly power cord. I also added the batting bar for ease of storage. I have the original box for the head but not for the rest of the table. Buyer needs to arrange for pick-up or shipping. I live in Southern Utah. Machine is set up and ready to try out. Asking price for 2007 Millenium and listed supplies is $15,000. Questions? E-mail lfh@infowest.com or Call 435-628-5428 after 6 MST.
  3. I loved this advice from the 50's. It's so unreal today. I quilt in my jammies many times and my DH does the cooking and the laundry! I have a book on quilting from 1975 about quilting equipment. "Fortunately no one has been able to invent a lot of expensive electric equipment for quilting. There aren't even many tempting but useless gadgets on the market to lure the quilter and make her spend money. The largest item on her list is a quilting frame and that can be built at home quite simply. Long before you need the frame, you need a few other simple tools In planning a design of your own, you should have a good ruler, triangle and a French curve. Firm paper, stencil paper, or thin plastic should be used for making the pattern pieces so that they won't wear out if you have to draw around them over and over. You will also need a medium hard pencil and a chalk pencil. You will need very sharp scissors to cut the many pieces of fabric required for most quilts." My quilt studio wouldn't be full or busy:D if we had to go back just 30 years!
  4. I\'ve sent you an e-mail. I know I\'m a little slow but I think the adapter would be wonderful. Your husband is very talented. Thanks, Linda
  5. Congratulations Karen on being teacher of the year!!! I have all of your books and love them. I\'m signed up for 3 of your classes at HMQS in just over a week. It\'s hard focusing on my day job because of the anticipation of the great quilting classes I\'ve signed up for. Is anyone else going to HMQS??? Linda:P
  6. Myrna; I am so looking forward to going! I signed up in December for my classes. You\'re among the great teachers that they\'re having. I noticed that your classes are full. It\'s always so much fun there. This is my third year! My first year there, I quilted on my Brother 1500. Last year I had my Millie but it was still in the garage waiting for the hydraulic lift. It will be fun this year with some experience on the machine. This is the first year Karen McTavish will be here, I\'m looking forward to meeting her. My DH is still looking for someplace to go while I\'m off playing. My best friend is planning all sorts of things to do while I\'m up there.:P:P Linda Huntsman
  7. Tracie, I went to HMQS the last two years. APQS has been represented in the vendor\'s mall both years. Sometimes Myrna is out there. She\'s teaching hands on classes there this year. Some of the classrooms are furnished with HQ16 machines. This year the brochure lists classes by what type of machines would get the most benefit, such as domestic, mid-arm, long-arm or embroidery machine. I went the first year as a domestic machine quilter and last year I had my Millie but she was still in the garage in boxes waiting for my hydraulics. It will be good this year to have a little better foundation of long arm quilting. I\'d love to meet you if you come! Linda
  8. That\'s beautifully quilted! You\'ve filled the white spaces with great freehand work. Your quilting doesn\'t look like you\'re depressed. Linda
  9. I\'d love to have someone teach APQS maintenance at the HMQS in Salt Lake City, UT. We have a lot of owners here and they usually just have a Gammill maintenance class. I know the classes are set for this year but maybe for 2009? Pleeeease!!! Thanks, Linda
  10. Debbi- Your wholecloth is truly a work of art. I think the rays would be fabulous. I\'m totally fascinated with your curved crosshatching. Do you use a stencil or some kind of tool or are you just amazing at freehand lines? Linda
  11. I had the hydraulics for my machine from the first. Myrna recommended that I put them on my machine with the original setup. I have really enjoyed them. Linda
  12. Caron, I love the way your feathers look. Your quilts are always so beautifully done. I took a class from Sally Terry at HMQS last year in Salt Lake City. She\'s a great teacher. She does the spine first and it\'s amazing the things that she can do with feathers. I think she\'ll be at HMQS in May here in Utah. It\'s listed as a Home Machine Quilting Show but it\'s geared to a lot of long arming. They even list the classes for the type of machine you have. It\'s a great show and even better shopping. Linda
  13. Myrna; Congratulations to all of you. They are beautiful quilts. What a talented and hard working group of ladies. Linda