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  1. I haven’t posted in quite a while but we just moved to the Tucson area and my storage situation is different. I have always stored my big rolls of batting standing on end. Here it would be better if I could store them on their sides on big garage shelves. However it seems like a really bad idea as one side would get compressed. Has anyone ever successfully done this or should I just scrap the idea? Thanks Dave
  2. I haven't been around here for a few years, life got really busy, but we are planning to move our 2013 Millie (14' table) to Tucson (eventually) with a stay in storage for a while. I called to ask some questions about moving the machine and got a rapid call back and great help (and answers to other questions as well). I know we all know how great APQS customer service is, but I know when I was deciding on a machine I read the forums here and looked for reports regarding customer service so I wanted to make a newer post for others to find. This company is really great! Thanks Mark and APQS!
  3. Thanks All. We are headed for central California (San Luis Obispo area) so not out in the hinterlands (as we have been in the past!) repairs would be possible. Busily picking out projects to start/finish and supplies that I will want. Hopefully I will come home with a bunch of tops to quilt.
  4. Found this on FB, thought you all might enjoy it!
  5. Thank you all! I still have a few days, so will continue to think a bit. I do have several quilt kits to take along with me and a 17 mo old Grandaughter to make stuff for...I believe I could get the Pfaff fixed if I needed to, though it would be a good opportunity to get some hours on the 301... I really appreciate your input!
  6. My DW and I will be leaving soon for an extended period of time in our Motorhome. I want to take a sewing machine with me. I don't have space like I do at home so I can't take my "big" machine (Pfaff Creative Vision 5.0). I have two choices, both work well; A Pfaff 1475 CD and a Singer 301. Both take up about the same room when you consider the size of the cases etc. I like the dual feed of the Pfaff, but the 301 has a bulletproof reputation (though we have owned the Pfaff since new and it has also been pretty indestructible). While I am leaning one way, I thought I would get opinions from you knowledgeable folks. I will be using this for quilt tops, and some general sewing. nothing too fancy. I'd love your experienced opinions. Thanks in advance!
  7. I think that, without slides, 8.5' is the maximum width allowed on the highways. We looked pretty closely at a Toy hauler but ended up with a Class A. I think that in some of the larger toy haulers it would work well. you would probably want to make certain you had adequate outlets and tie-downs in the required places as I would tie the frame in place while in motion. I do think it might be wise to remove the head when actually traveling. Many of the toy haulers have the ability to turn the back garage area into a screened in patio which would make for a pretty nice area in which to quilt.
  8. I also have Dave Jones lighting. Works very well.
  9. Heidi, I have been away from the forum for a while...so just saw this. Your niece sounds like she may be a good candidate for a CGM (Continuous glucose monitor). If she can get this approved through her insurer (it is expensive, but common technology) it gives continuous readings of blood sugar so she can watch to see if she is getting in trouble (like when her Mom doesn't follow her diet) and allow her to address the problem more quickly. Usually they want to see you use a pump for a while before you can qualify for one, but considering some of her social situation it may be a good thing to keep in mind and ask her Endocrinologist about.
  10. This is the bobbin winder that came with my Millie. It has worked fine for me, though I am no where as prolific as any of you here. It is a Turbo winder, I think the sidewinder is not an APQS product.
  11. For a DSM or for your longarm...for my DSM I have a very basic plastic folding chair that I happen to find really comfortable...got it at Costco years ago...for my Longarm I have a Saddle stool
  12. I have Operating room sharps containers and put all sharps there. Our local Dump has a hazardous materials disposal part (they also do household chemicals, old latex paint etc) and you can buy one for about $10 and then they give you a new one when you bring back the old one full. Lots of diabetics use the service...I will say that I have never managed to fill one though...but I am working in it...
  13. Many will have differing opinions on this...and my answer should be taken with a grain of salt as I worked in Operating rooms for 25 years so I like LOTS of light... My preference is daylight balanced fluorescents (with the no noise ballasts) or their (way too expensive to consider for most of us) LED equivalents. I use lots of fixtures, it give a bright daylight feel. I did this in my garage/shop and I can't tell when it's night as my light is so even. It is overkill though and you have to install all of those fixtures so maybe not practical unless you are building.
  14. My Fabrics arrived today! A great assortment of fun fabrics! Thanks to all for doing this and a special thanks to Tonilyn for all the work!
  15. Well, donning my Dr. hat...the answer to that has many variables. For the most part sides will be equal assuming equal use of the arm, however there can be variations in everything from measuring (if you used a tape measure was it tighter on one arm vs. the other, did you measure or did someone do it for you?) to the daily use of your arms. Some people use their dominant arm more than the other which can lead to asymmetry. And...yes certain types of nerve damage can cause atrophy leading to different measurements one side to the other (along with the natural mild asymmetry that is common from side to side).The best know example of that was the Tennis Star (Rocket) Rod Laver whose racket arm (his left) was significantly bigger than his other arm. measurements at the time had Laver's forearm the same size as Rocky Marciano's (Boxing Champion).
  16. As a guy and an old car enthusiast...I am intrigued by the "hammer trick". As all guys know there are two indispensible tools; Duct tape and hammers! So how does this work? Dampen the area and then whack it? I assume this is either before or after it is on the frame?
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