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  1. I haven’t posted in quite a while but we just moved to the Tucson area and my storage situation is different. I have always stored my big rolls of batting standing on end. Here it would be better if I could store them on their sides on big garage shelves. However it seems like a really bad idea as one side would get compressed. Has anyone ever successfully done this or should I just scrap the idea? Thanks Dave
  2. I haven't been around here for a few years, life got really busy, but we are planning to move our 2013 Millie (14' table) to Tucson (eventually) with a stay in storage for a while. I called to ask some questions about moving the machine and got a rapid call back and great help (and answers to other questions as well). I know we all know how great APQS customer service is, but I know when I was deciding on a machine I read the forums here and looked for reports regarding customer service so I wanted to make a newer post for others to find. This company is really great! Thanks Mark and APQS!
  3. One word...Spectacular! Congratulations on your wonderful space!
  4. I sent a request just now s I want to learn more before considering a purchase like this. My FB account is under my Dog Bernie's name!
  5. Amazing quilt! Thanks for posting those images, which you did quite skillfully I might add!
  6. Dawn, You are awesome and this is great! I can keep these on my laptop or iPad and can look at these whenever! When you do get the complete version done maybe you could just update the link here as I think this will be a great reference for others going forward!
  7. Sorry you are having this problem...but it sounds like at least help is on the way!
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