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    QuiltGuy reacted to dlnewell in New Quilter...With a twist?   
    Welcome to the quilting world! Yes, you will need to use batting and a backing layer.  Your machine should come with a very good video explaining how to load a quilt onto the machine and some beginning exercises to do.  If you've never pieced a quilt top before, I suggest you find a book with basic piecing instruction.  With long arm quilting, the flatter the quilt top, the easier, the better, and the prettier the quilting will be.
    There are also many you-tube videos that demo quilting techniques.
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    QuiltGuy reacted to anniemueller in New Quilter...With a twist?   
    Hi Dave-
    Welcome to quilting!  And congrats on the purchase of your new Millie, it's a lot of fun.
    My preference is to practice on cheap solid fabric (any color or uncolored muslin is fine too) and batting.  You'll want to experiment with tension settings, different threads and different battings.
    I recommend keeping a log book to start, to keep track of which settings and thread paths work best for different threads and batting.
    As far as buying wholesale, you'll want to set up a wholesale account with the vendor that you choose.  Many of the vendors are happy to do it.  They all have their own way of handling the accounts.  Some on line, some by phone.
    My go to vendors are Superior Threads and Quilter's Dream Batting. 
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    QuiltGuy reacted to sewhappy in New Quilter...With a twist?   
    Good questions...
    1. Yes use batting AND backing~You want to get the REAL feel of all of it!  Also the tension is quite different when just doing  a "Summer" quilt.
    2. If you can get wholesale I would recomend you try different batts~ They all feel different..some beard, some dont..some like different threads also.
    3. Many wholesalers out there~I like Paterson Arne~They don't make me buy "Costco" quanities. LOL  Tho I do purchase many items from other wholesalers and retailers!
    You have a pleasurable and frustrating journey ahead of you and I wish the best!!  It is in the long run very rewarding!!  enjoy the process
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    QuiltGuy reacted to jgardog in New Quilter...With a twist?   
    You're not the only man. Some of us just aren't that visible.  My partner and I just started 2guyzquilting.  We currently have a 2012 Freedom with Bliss, Quilt Glide and an Intelliquilter setup.  It's a lot of fun.  We started by purchasing old or damaged quilt tops at local auctions and then experimented. Superior Threads is hard to beat as that is what the factory uses to set the tensions.  Mark is great to work with.  We purchased ours from him.  There is also a guy by the name of Jim Erickson who was real helpful when we bought our Quiltazoid setup. Welcome. Jim & John
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    QuiltGuy reacted to maggienoella in New Quilter...With a twist?   
    Welcome to all the new guys!!
    My DH and I are just starting too.  We're still practicing and love doing this together. 
    We got some threads from Superior and they were easy to go wholesale with online.  I did have our EIN#.
    I got a bolt of muslin at Joann's for 50% and cut it in half so I had two pieces for a top & a bottom, 5 yds long. 
    I'm using up some batting I had too.
    We're finding this forum and youtube to be invaluable as we learn. 
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    QuiltGuy reacted to whitepinesquilter in New Quilter...With a twist?   
    Welcome to the APQS family.  You and your wife are in for an exciting new career, by the sounds of it - enjoy yourselves practicing with cheap muslin or looser weave sheets and inexpensive batting.  Practice circles, e's, l's, curves, try different threads to see how they work together (tension, etc.) All the while have FUN!
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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from whitepinesquilter in New Quilter...With a twist?   
    Thanks to all for all the great information and the wonderful welcome! Thanks to Jim, John and Matt (I have been to your website many times Matt...super videos and great content ...just been a lurker, but that will change!), I am glad to hear I am not the only Guy around here (though I agree we are all quilters first!). I have done some sewing in the past but very little quilting. Been interested for a while but my focus has been on clothing related sewing up until a few months ago when I realized how much fun all you quilters seem to be having! My DW and I have been looking for things to do together that relate to her Art career (as we share several activities related to my hobbies) and this will be fun.
    Thanks for the Seaside invitation, unfortunately we are previously committed that weekend but would certainly be interested in future get togethers. The MQX dinner is a possibility I will watch for details! I am signed up for classes on Wednesday and Thursday. I am actually in a suburb of PDX only about 10-12 miles from downtown so PDX is easy for me and I will look into EESchenck... getting to touch the fabric is preferable! 
    Thanks for the information! Since Oregon has no sales tax we may not have that requirement. My wife needed a business license and actively sells her artwork so I don't think anything else is needed here but I will absolutely check it out!
    Libby G,
    Thanks for the information...I have heard about the Linus project (when I met Beth at the Road Show she mentioned it) and am very interested in doing quilts for them so that may be a great way to practice.
    Really looking forward to embarking on this journey and appreciate all of your help (and I am certain I will have many more questions to ask as time goes by)! 
    Now I just need to get our Millie here!
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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from mark in New Quilter...With a twist?   
    Hi All,
     I have been lurking for months here and learning a lot from all of you (Thanks!). The twist...well I seem to be one of the only men here (other than Mark!).
    I am somewhat new to quilting. My wife (DW?) is an Artist (Retired a few days ago after teaching art for >20 years and was just named the state's Art Educator of the year...yup I am bragging just a bit I am incredibly proud of her! ) and we will be working together on quilts with her design input and me making the quilts (or at least trying) and offering them for sale through her usual outlets. I have had several telephone discussions with Mark and attended the Portland Road Show and ordered a new Millie with hydraulic lift and a 14' table as I had the room and saw no down side to having the bigger table! It should be ready soon (I am waiting for notice to make my final payment any day now). I can't say enough about how helpful everyone in the APQS family has been, it was a definite factor in my purchase decision. 
    I learned about the MQX show in Portland from this Forum and have signed up for several classes over the days can be there and am really looking forward to that experience. Many of my questions have been answered from reading all the posts here but I have a few for all of you (and likely more as time goes on!).
    1. When I first get the Machine and I am doing initial practice I have seen that you all recommend using inexpensive fabric for practice...do you use batting and a backing fabric layer too, or just a top piece to get used to using the machine?
    2. If batting is appropriate for practice what would you recommend I use?
    3. Since my Wife is a professional artist and has a business license I believe I can buy supplies at the wholesale/professional rate...where and how do I go about setting this up?
    Thank you all so much for your willingness to share your knowledge, it has been very helpful for me!
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