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    QuiltGuy reacted to JBCorson in Overcoming Fear?   
    David, I just got my long arm in late October, I am still messing around and have a hard time envisioning me ever getting to the point I would do a customer quilt.  It's really overwhelming sometimes.  
    MIDOL?  LOL  You crack me up!
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    QuiltGuy reacted to carolinequilts in Ebay Quilt Tops?????   
    HI David,
    Yes, when I first started I bought a couple of quilt tops on eBay and was happy with them.  Make sure that they didn't prewash it because it really messes up the seams. One was a 30's feedsack Double Wedding Ring for $85 (shipping included)!! The other was an 70's Apple Core with polyester blends that was really quite pretty.
    Also - there are sellers out there making tops for sale. I bought a bargello from one of those sellers that came out quite nice too. I've attached some pictures below, but I don't have one of the Apple Core. It's at the cottage.

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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from Oma in Fabric Swap after the first of the year (update guidelines)   
    Got my fabric today!
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    QuiltGuy reacted to carolinequilts in Don't know how to even start!   
    Rita starts off with good advise for a really beginning beginning. You will need to figure out how to 'load' your quilt top, batting and backing.  Once you've done that you should also get used to your controls. Do with without even threading the machine.  Figure out how to start, and how to start the stitch regulator, how to use the channel locks, needle up down.  Become comfortable with them because when you actually start stitching, you don't have time to figure out what button to push - it should be automatic.  Get used to the controls from the front and from the back (they are the same, but moving the machine feels different. Once you know your controls, follow the instructions to thread the machine and start practicing!
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    QuiltGuy reacted to BethDurand in 38.5" of thread left   
    Started the customer quilt, thought that I'd have enough thread left on the cone to finish it.  Just in case, I put it on the shopping list with a trip planned for Monday.  The more I quilt, the less thread on the cone, amazing how that works!  Down to the last pass of the panto, and I've got empty white cone starting to show.  Oh no!  Not going to have enough!  Thoughts running through of who I can contact locally that might have this color.  Bekah, where your ears burning?  Fabric Depot doesn't carry Lava, it will take too long to order from Superior.
    I finish the last pass, and only need to run a row of stitching along the bottom to keep it from turning under when she sews the binding on.  Just in case, I tied on another cone of Lava.  It's not going to show if I need it, but at least that way I've got it finished.  Hey.  What's this color of thread still in the wrapping?  If it's #247, Colorburst, I'm going to spit.  Sure enough.  That's what I've got!  All that fretting for no reason!  Oh well.  Then to find out that I had 38.5" left.  I measured!  Talk about an answer to one's prayers!  Moral of the story?  Check your thread supply and make sure that you've got enough of the color you need before starting.  Also, go shopping!
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    QuiltGuy reacted to ffq-lar in Fabric Swap after the first of the year (update guidelines)   
    I just mailed my envelope with two bundles of 10 FQs for the two groups I'm in. I included a self-addressed matching envelope and cash for postage to cover the return. Yay! Thanks Oma for all the hard work you're gonna be doing. Nothing like being elbow-deep in pretty fabric!
    I have a pattern in my head for a wedding quilt for my son and his fiance. Square-in-a-square with a white center and scrappy Asian corner triangles. When the block is straight set in one row and offset the next, it makes a great chevron quilt. I hope it's as great stitched together as it looks in my head! 
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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from Beachside Quilter in Did You Know How To Quilt Before?   
    no prior experience as a newbie quilter, but I hate to let my tools hold me back so I went for what I thought was the best (I believe I was right!)...
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    QuiltGuy reacted to Cagey in SOLD SOLD SOLD Never used "George" mfg Dec 2010 SOLD SOLD SOLD   
    George is flying out of Ice Station Zebra (-9 degrees) in the morning for a warmer climate in the deep south.
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    QuiltGuy reacted to 2quilter in NQR Embroidery Patterns   
    if you can't find a design you like, you can sketch out free-style and on the DSM and free-style thread paint the design.... I got frustrated earlier this year looking for a glamper design I couldn't find so just because I am more stubborn than I should be sketched out and thread painted the blocks free-style on the DSM (think coloring book type design) well I was extremely happy with the result....don't ask me to post a pic I can email to you if you PM me, but I've not yet mastered posting pics on this site.  One day I'll get stubborn enough to figure it out LOL   
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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from MellisaHabeck in It's almost time for a winner   
    I got two calls from Maryland that I didn't answer...but a call from Iowa I would have picked up!
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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from GMALKB in It's almost time for a winner   
    I got two calls from Maryland that I didn't answer...but a call from Iowa I would have picked up!
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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from RitaR in It's almost time for a winner   
    Pretty certain I won...of course this isn't the first time I thought that!
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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from ffq-lar in It's almost time for a winner   
    Pretty certain I won...of course this isn't the first time I thought that!
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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from GMALKB in It's almost time for a winner   
    Pretty certain I won...of course this isn't the first time I thought that!
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    QuiltGuy reacted to BethDurand in Can't say enough positive things about APQS   
    As if we didn't all have enough reasons to love APQS with the wonderful support we have here, I'd like to add another one.  I hope you realize how wonderful the chat is for finding information.  I have a series of new work chats that I'm trying to learn, and I can't find anything, can't figure out how to post something, what all the colors mean.  I could go on, but I think I've vented enough.  Suffice it to say, whoever programmed the chat is cordially invited to contact me and I will point them to where they are DESPERATELY needed.
    Thank you for listening.
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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from ffq-lar in Happy Birthday Miss Linda   
    Happy Birthday!
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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from Lemon Tree Tami in NQR - New puppy in the house   
    Sooooo cute!
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    QuiltGuy reacted to Oma in Block or Fabric Swap   
    Sue, I think the swap ended on Nov. 21 and she has mailed all the strips out.  Hang in there because there will be another swap coming along soon I hope.
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    QuiltGuy reacted to zeke in Christmas craft fair   
    We did great over the weekend kids. Zeke....
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    QuiltGuy reacted to T Row Studio in Mission accomplished 4 tree skirts done for Christmas   
    Well I feel pretty good about getting a goal of mine done this year
    I have four beautiful daughters all out on their own now so I wanted to make each of them a tree skirt for their homes I wanted to do this last year but you know how life gets..so rolled it over to this year....but now I have them completed and ready for them I hope you enjoy the holiday season and enjoy looking.  





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    QuiltGuy reacted to Bonnie H in nqr Life is Funny Sometimes   
    I shared here a few weeks ago about my trying to have a hysterectomy in November but my blood pressure was too high in the preop and operating room and the surgery was cancelled. I was left trying to get my BP back under control and rescheduled surgery for December 16th. After weekly doctor visits and BP checks, my FNP ordered some lab work. I have been complaining for YEARS to these people that I'm so tired some days I can hardly get out of bed or walk across the room, have shortness of breath, feel weak, muscle pains, joint pains, and at least a dozen other symptoms, but each time I'd go in and complain and ask for help, I'd be met with "exercise and lose weight." Well, don't you think I would if I had the energy??? So I stopped complaining. I should have found help elsewhere.
    Today my lab work came back. And wouldn't you know. I have hypothyroidism. So instead of getting a hysterectomy for Christmas, I may get to feeling better than I have in years by getting my thyroid levels back to normal. I've been telling my husband for a couple of years I wish they would find something wrong with me so I could stop being a hypochondriac! LOL I feel vindicated. What a great feeling. The hysterectomy is on hold until my thyroid levels are adjusted, but that's okay.
    I'm learning that hypothyroidism affects women at a much higher percentage rate than it affects men, and especially women over the age of 60. So if you haven't been feeling well, don't stop nagging your doctor to run a simple blood test and at least rule out your thyroid. I'm hoping to feel like a new woman soon.
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    QuiltGuy reacted to chickenscratch in CRAFTSY 50% of all classes Saturday and Sunday   
    Cindy's Wholecloth class, a jellyroll piecing class, Ultimate Free Motion, and Angela Walters Dot to Dot quilting
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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from chickenscratch in CRAFTSY 50% of all classes Saturday and Sunday   
    It is an amazingly good sale..,I signed up for one more quilting class and a couple of knitting classes and found some free classes too (but I don't think any of them were quilting classes).
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    QuiltGuy reacted to DawnCavanaugh in Troubleshoot my vertical stitch?   
    That is commonly referred to as a "walking stitch". It happens when the needle deflects slightly left and right as you push the machine away. If you've already turned your needle eye closer to 6:30, then check the height of the hopping foot. Turn the fly wheel by hand until the needle is at the lowest position. Then slide a single business card underneath from all sides. You should feel slight friction on all sides. If the foot is not level, or is too high, those walking stitches become more pronounced because the fabric sandwich isn't held tightly between the foot and the needle plate at the instant the stitch forms.

    Here's how to adjust the foot if necessary:
    Hopping foot adjust.pdf
    If the foot isn't level, then remove the needle. insert a flat blade screwdriver inside the foot from the top (where the needle used to be. Put the tip of the screwdriver under the low side of the foot, and then gently press down on the handle of the screwdriver while the other end rests on the other top edge of the foot. This will force the screwdriver tip up, thereby bending the foot back in place. Use gentle pressure, and then re-check the foot. Repeat if needed.
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    QuiltGuy got a reaction from HeidiP in Ready to take the plunge   
    Like many things it is really easy to learn, but hard to master! The basics are...well basic, but when you see the finished work that the Ladies and Gentlemen of this group post you realize how much practice and skill are on display.
    I am a beginner but inspired everyday by what I see here.
    I would be remiss if I didn't add that you should not let the need to practice deter you...it's just plain fun!
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