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  1. This is off the quilthistory.com site: To remove pencil marks, try this recipe: 1/4 c water, 3/4 c. rubbing alcohol, 7-8 drops of Palmolive detergent, Apply with toothbrush. I've used it before and it worked for me.
  2. That's happened to me several times. I just take the clamp off, pull off the pad, wash off the residue with Goo Gone, buy new velcro and restick it on. I then tell myself that I will be very careful to see that it doesn't happen again, but of course, it does. Then I do it all over again.
  3. Wow! That's beautiful!!! Surely a prize winner!
  4. Good question, Virginia! I wonder the same thing.
  5. According to the sheet describing the feet, the Flip Flop glides around applique and gives you great visibility, and the Sneaker is for micro-stippling. Beyond that, I'm not sure what the real difference is, because they seem basically the same, except with the cut-out on one. I haven't tried the Sneaker yet, but I just put the Flip Flop on my machine today, since I wanted to "glide around applique," and it is AWESOME!!!! I was perfectly content with my original foot, even though I had to strain sometimes to see my stitching, but I love, love, LOVE this new foot!!! I don't know how I lived without it! I'd also be curious to know the difference in purpose between the two feet and the reasoning behind it.
  6. I wind all my bobbins on my turbo winder. I've never had any problems with bobbins. It's great.
  7. Mine was there, too. I looked at a recent post of mine and saw it had disappeared, too, so I added it back on my profile.
  8. There's an old panto called Feathered Curls by Jodi Beamish that I've used a lot, very feathery and I don't think too difficult. It looks great.
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