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  1. Thanks, Dawn! I don't see any blue or yellow. I loosened the bolt to see the center, and all I can tell that I see is just metal color. I did notice while I was down there, that the inside of the groove of the wheels that ride on the carriage, the lip that sits on the edge of the carriage the paint or whatever the black coating is is all worn off. I don't know if that matters, and I don't know if I can flip the wheels or not. Do I need to take the wheel off to see the color, and does the black being worn off matter?
  2. Late happy birthday! Hope it was a good one! Have a great year!!
  3. Hi, Carol! Where can you see if your bearings are blue or yellow? My machine seems to move the same way, and I can't see any color anywhere on my wheels.
  4. What a simply brilliant idea! I always take mine on and off, and that gets tiresome. This way it won't be nearly so bad! By the way, I LOVE my Quiltazoid!!!
  5. Thanks for all the pictures, Dawn! It was great to get to see the quilts when one can't be there!!
  6. I have Bliss on my machine. It's better than it was, but still not like the machines I watch others quilt on! It may well be my mind playing tricks on me, because although I'm watching my needle, it's not the same as watching their needle!
  7. I know what you mean. I've seen people quilting slowly on other machines, and the machine seems to stitch so precisely and calmly. The needle doesn't jerk and jump like mine does when I'm trying to go slowly and carefully. I like many things about my Millennium, but I wish it would stitch slowly and calmly like I see other machines doing.
  8. I use my stitch regulator all the time for rulers and for my Quiltazoid. The only time I don't use it is when I'm doing small fill, like stippling, etc. I always use it for everything else.
  9. I use Kai's little 4" scissors N5100 for snipping threads, etc., and have a 5 1/2" pair, N5135, that I use for cutting out applique pieces. Then I have some larger 8" scissors, N5210, for bigger cutting jobs. They are great scissors.
  10. Kai scissors are wonderful. They are so sharp and the points are so narrow they will fit around all your applique. I do a lot of applique and use them all the time.
  11. I love my Hartley base. I used to have the Ruler Mate. I liked it too. They're both good.
  12. Thanks, Dawn!!! I look forward to it!! It came back from the factory set perfectly, I figured, so I didn't want to mess with perfection!!
  13. What about the interchangeable feet needs to be retrofitted? I had my machine fitted for the interchangeable feet, but I have never used them because they are so short, and I didn't want to have to change my hopping foot height all the time.
  14. Hi, Jacque. I started out with a Discovery, upgraded to a Liberty, then a Millennium. I really enjoy having the stitch regulator. It has always chirped, and it has never ever bothered me. My stitches are very good, and my tension is good as well. I really enjoy my machine now that it has Bliss, and I don't have to mess with those stupid adjustable wheels. The wheels were the reason I originally went from a Discovery to a Liberty, because I thought I needed to be able to adjust my wheels. It was a nightmare. I'm so glad not to have to mess with them any more! Of course, when you change from a machine you like to an unknown machine, you always take a chance. But don't let the fear of chirping dissuade you!
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