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  1. In my opinion, it doesn't need anything more. The applique fills up the blocks so much that I don't think any fill is necessary. Not everything needs to be quilted to death. I bet it looks great just the way it is, with just the SID. It sure looks great in the picture!
  2. Thanks for the link, Kay! I'll be watching Saturday night!!
  3. No, you're not the only one! I don't have money for a computer, nor do I want one. I don't quilt for the general public, and I figure I did very well to be able to get the longarm. I have blissed it, and I'm getting the interchangeable feet. As far as all the tools and gadgets, I have many. I've actually used a few a few times. I don't buy gadgets any more, although there are a couple that I do want and still might buy. But they do make them look so easy and useful on their videos and demos. Then you get them and you don't really have a use for them or even know where or how to use them. I also have Renae's Rays and have even used them a few times. I have multitudes of SID rulers, don't like any of them and just use a plain little ruler that I had made for me for free. I have many circle sets, many gadgets to outline applique, have used a very few and really don't like them. It's ridiculous. I think I was hoping they would make me a better quilter. You are not alone, and I can relate all too well!!
  4. I know it's awful to have to rip out, I think it would be better if you did. You wouldn't have to worry about your customer being unhappy, one less thing for you to worry about. You'll be much prouder to show her the finished quilt, than if you just left it and offered her a discount. We've all spent way too much time ripping, but sometimes it just has to be done!! I feel your pain also, and I've felt it MANY times!!
  5. Our raffle quilts are usually "Texas" quilts, and they always do very well, because even the people who don't quilt or care about quilts or beautiful quilting will appreciate the Texas theme. I'm sure Kansas-themed quilts would do just as well as our Texas ones do. The quilts we've done that are not Texas-themed do well enough, but there isn't the excitement about them with the general public as there is with our Texas ones. Our Texas quilt that is this year's raffle quilt has things on it like the Alamo, bluebonnets, an armadillo, etc., with a big appliqued Texas in the center. The general public loves it. I bet a Kansas quilt would do wonderfully.
  6. Mine does that, too. I just figured it was because the SR was doing the best it could and was not perfect. It does well enough that I can't really complain, but it does do that. If I go really fast the stitches get bigger, slower they get smaller. Cold weather doesn't affect mine; it's the same winter or summer.
  7. Carol Doak makes foundation paper that is specifically for paper piecing and tears off easily. It's what I use. It's very good. Runs through the printer with no problem, too.
  8. Beautiful quilt, Heidi! Your quilting is perfect for the quilt. You did a wonderful job! Do you happen to know the name of the pattern she used? I love the quilt and the way you quilted it!!
  9. Thanks, Dawn! Can I get a foot like the original foot in the interchangeable form, as well as the new feet? I use my ruler in front of the machine all the time. But I would still like the other interchangeable feet as well.
  10. That happens, Holly. It happens to the best of us and the best of quilts, too! I've had the same thing happen, a quilt does wonderfully one place and horribly the next. And you are right, some of the shows do prefer the more artsy quilts. If so, then they won't like mine. Also, even though judges are armed with knowledge of what they should look for with the quilts, I think they are still just people and their own likes or dislikes can't help but seep into their judging a little bit, even though I'm sure they try not to. So we just carry on, keep making quilts!! What one judge hates, the next will love. It's fun to show your quilts; I do it a lot, but what really matters is if you love it yourself and the fun you had making it. Then you are a winner when all is said and done.
  11. I have a Westalee and had fairly good results from it. However, the screw that held the sewing guide in place didn't hold the guide tightly in position so it would move slightly and wouldn't give you perfectly spaced lines. I got a Quiltazoid and it is WONDERFUL! So much better, more accurate, easy and quick to use. My lines now are perfect and take half as much time to do. More than worth the higher price tag, plus you can do so many more things with it!
  12. Hi, Colette. First congratulations on a beautiful quilt!! You did a wonderful job quilting it. About the blue stripes being too wrinkly, I had the same situation in a quilt I just finished. The strips on my quilt were only 1" wide and I didn't really want to quilt anything in them, but they ended up like yours and I just didn't like it. What I did was to go back and quilt just a straight line 1/4" in on each side of the strip. I didn't think I'd like that, but wow, what a difference it made. I was much, much happier with it after I did that. I'm assuming that your blue strips are probably about 1", so you might try that and see how you like it.
  13. I bought a photo stand as discussed, but what I also did, which I use more than the photo stand since I don't have to lug it out and set it up, is I bought a 1x4, put a large screw eye in each end, put a nail in each corresponding space on eve of my house in my back yard. It's not quite high enough to hang my bigger quilts, but for many this works and saves me the trouble of setting up the photo stand. This may not work for you, but is another option that might work for some quilts. No, they don't like heads, hands or feet on your quilt! The other question, is no, you don't need a picture of the back. Just the overall quilt and a close up of the front.
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