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  1. Sheryl, I am very sorry for what you are having to deal with. I'm not sure what Jan is thinking--what her motivations are. We had a similar situation with my grandmother. Luckily, I was the POA. Dealing with nursing homes is absolutely exhausting. My brothers and sisters and I were fortunately on the same page, but that didn't prevent the nursing home from doing what they wanted. One of us was there every day and information from the nursing home was always in question. I know drugs are needed in some cases, but this was ridiculous. I finally had enough--I told my brothers and sisters I was moving her into my home (my husband was wonderful about it) and hiring a live in nurse. While that was difficult, I certainly am very glad that I did what I did. In the long run, it was easier to keep an eye on things, and it was definitely better for grandmother. I am sure that it extended her life and definitely she had a better quality life. Now, all that being said, my suggestion is to get some legal help. Does Michigan have a social services department for senior citizens that you could contact for help? Could you report the nursing home for abuse? Could you somehow talk with your sister Jan and tell her that you know that it has been hard for her to take on this burden and that you and your sister Pam would like to help her. Somehow make nice (even though it would be difficult) and maybe get a joint POA where you and your sister Pam would have more say so and get her moved to another nursing facility that you have checked out and approve of and maybe even move her closer to you. Maybe your sister Jan would go along with that--maybe she is getting tired of the "fight". When you are looking for a lawyer to help you, make sure you find one that is conversant with geriatric law. Also, and this is the biggie--is there any way you could take your mother in until you can find a place that you think would be good for her? It sounds like there is a power struggle on Jan's part and she is not really getting the seriousness of these drugs that are being given to your mother. Sometimes, it is the combination of drugs that causes the combativeness in older people. Good luck to you and let us know how things are going. You and your mother are in my prayers. I just read the previous posts--the ones above this one that were posted while I was writing this one and Debbie's advice is excellent. I'm glad she knows where you can start. Good Luck and God Bless.
  2. Love it! My husband really got a kick out of it. He is very supportive and never gets upset about clutter, crumbs, or dinners not made. He is truly a gem! Raggie
  3. Dawn, Go to www.quiltshops.com and do an item search for wide quilt backs and it will search 200+ stores for that and then give you the link to the stores that carry them. You can also go to www.thousandsofbolts.com and do a search. I've ordered from both these sources and the service has been excellent. Hope you find what you need. Becky
  4. I knit, crochet, read, look at quilting magazines and/or books, and piece tops to de-stress. I have to say though, since I'm retired I don't get stressed as much as I used to when I was working. Becky
  5. Janette, You do beautiful work! I would not feel guilty at all. She knew up front what she would be paying. And in answer to your question about legally selling those quilts. I don't believe that she can sell them because of copyright. I believe she would have to have permission. Becky
  6. Oh my! That is truly a treasure. You should be very proud! Becky
  7. Hi Jolene, I don't know any Kneemillers, but I didn't grow up in St. Charles. I became a resident when I started teaching in the area and I just ended up here. I am retired now, but still have a home here. You probably are familiar with Patches, etc. on Main Street in St. Charles. What a great quilt shop! You'll have to let me know next time you are in town and maybe we can meet. Becky
  8. Thanks AnnHenry for the gentle nudge. I have contributed on the forum off and on for a little over a year and most times I feel like I don't know enough to contribute. I check the forum every day a couple of times during the day, but again I don't often say anything unless I feel I've got an answer for someone or I have a request. I'm so overwhelmed by all the talent and expertise that I just watch, learn and keep my mouth shut. I'll try to do better. I so enjoy some of the 'give and take' I see on the threads. I laugh and laugh. Thanks for speaking up--maybe it will give me the courage to say more. Becky
  9. Thanks Mary Beth and Linda for the links. I love Michael Buble. His voice is just "dreamy". Talk about quilting music... Becky;)
  10. April, Thank you! I received your email with the picture. It is very nice. Where did you get the pattern? It looks like something I could handle. Just let me know what I need to do. I appreciate the help. Becky P.S. Your grandkids are adorable.
  11. Thank you very much Bonnie. I appreciate it and I will get on Quilt in a Day website and see what I can find. Thanks for your quick response. I'll let you know what I find out. Becky in St. Charles, MO:)
  12. Hi everyone, I've come to the experts. I am looking for a dresden plate pattern. I know they are not the easiest pattern, but I am looking for one that has good instructions. Can anyone help? Thanks, Becky