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  1. I second the invisifil. That stuff is awesome!
  2. I'm excited:) I'll be relocating to Lees Summit soon:)
  3. Thanks. It is based on a photo I took of my daughter:)
  4. I have mine upstairs. It takes two strong men to carry up the table,and then the machine head separately. It wasn't too bad!
  5. There aren't any shops in the Keys:( The closest to Miami would be in Davie,FL. It's called Once Upon a Quilt.
  6. This is the part that makes me nervous! The basics are done,but now the quilting and shading needs to be done:o [/img]
  7. I like that it's not the typical girly pink:) Really cute!
  8. So, it's a little embarrassing. I've had my machine since my daughter was 8 months old. She's three now. Of course,within that time, I also had my son;)So, I guess I was a little busy! I did some practicing on it, and previous to this, I was a traditional quilter. Lately, I have decided to delve into art quilting a bit. This is my first attempt,and I wanted to share a photo of the early process. It's not complete yet,but I used some fabrics that were hand dyed by myself, as well as some purchased from the bolt. I'm sure my methods of construction are completely wrong,but here it is!
  9. That is heartbreaking. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  10. I have a wedding to attend. First year I've missed in a while! You should drive over to Sikeston,MO and go to Lamberts. It's INCREDIBLE!