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  1. Yes I have an extended base and put it on when working with rulers but take it off the rest of the time. I check under quilt each time I advance for any puckers/ tucks and bobbin tension.
  2. Love it, Sherry! The vines remind me of Morning Glory vines and the center looks like a large daisy. How about Daisy Gory? Just kidding... I like the idea of Garden something or Something Garden. You are so creative I'm sure you will come up with a very good name for it. Shirley:D
  3. Go to and check out their ruler for doing cross-hatching. You can do it as tiny as 1/4 in. for a fabulous background filler. Check it out. Shirley
  4. You want the July 2006 issue of Unliited Possibilities, Look on page 50.
  5. There is a plastic gun with little short plastic ties, hooks, or whatever you call them (they are like the plastic ties that price tags are put on clothing in stores only these are very short) I forget what they are named. Anyway some use those and just snip them off after the quilt is done. I tried them and must NOT have applied them correctly because I hated them. But there are people who love them so you might want to give them a try. Maybe someone out there knows what they are called. Good luck. Shirley
  6. I'm with Jill Miller on this one. Sometimes I use the foam brush other times I use the pounce pad, depends on the size of the stencil. Love that it disappears with the steam iron.
  7. Ferret, If you have someone that you can post at the back of your machine to move the Hartley Fence you will find it easier to do lines with it. Otherwise you will be running around the machine. You will find that there are a few items that you can stand at the back of the machine so you can operate the machine and the H.F. by yourself. It's a wonderful tool! Your quilt is spectacular! It is good to channel one's talents. That way you just get better and better...Keep it up! I think you are going to be a "Big Name" in quilting in the near future...
  8. Sewhappy, This is a case of jealousy and by making you look bad she thinks she is making herself look better than you. Don't put up with it (I speak from experience, In my case the stress finally caught up with me and I ended up in the hospital with heart problems that nearly killed me! The doctors said it was caused from job related stress...) I ended up quiting the job but I asked to see my file. On the first page my boss had written that she thought I was out to get her job... Well, now I work at my longarm quilting business, make a few quilts and I'm happy as a lark. I'm glad she forced me to quit that job because this is where I was meant to be! Good luck!
  9. Great job, Ferret! Your leaves look like you just picked them off the trees. And your quilting is perfect. Good luck at the show! SR
  10. I'm 5'2" and the belly bar on my machine is about 36" which is just above my waist. I like it that way. Seems just right. Don't forget that you can use a car jack to help you adjust those legs!
  11. John, are you referring to the 'Stand alone Bobbin winder made by APQS'? Mark had said that they now make one but I cannot find it listed in any of their supply lists. What am I missing that I can't find it? Shirley
  12. I use heavy weight velcro around the slot where the thread feeds into the fly wheel and have not had a problem since doing that. It works like a dream and saved me the cost of a FW cover. Good luck! Shirley
  13. Knot Knut, There is a lot of Scum in the world like your x-partner. I wonder if they will all end up together in the here-after and if so what will they do to each other!! I worked as Deputy Town Clerk with a Town Clerk like her. In 8 years I regarded her as one of my best friends. I won't go into detail except to say that she waited until I was near death's door in the hospital, with real bad heart problems, when she stabbed me in the back. And when I finally came back to work she looked me straight in the eye with tears in her eyes and simply said, "I should've gone to visit you and had flowers here today to welcome you back." That was before "it" hit the fan! Well, that was 5 years ago, and needless to say, when I discovered what she had done to me I gave notice effective immediately. Then I asked myself what in life gave me the most pleasure. That's when I started looking for a quilting machine. I couldn't be happier and I pray it will end that way for you, too. When One door closes...
  14. I usually just lurk, but have to jump in here to say, "Great job, especially for a beginner!" At that rate you'll be walking away with prizes from some of the big shows in no time at all. Keep up the good work. It is beautiful. Shirley
  15. TheresaOne small thing I did to get business was to buy magnetic signs for my car doors. They are not all that expensive and they do get noticed. Use as few words as possible and make the lettering large. Mine say "LongArm Quilting" My phone number and my website. I can't begin to tell you how many people have walked up to my car and asked for a business card (which I always have in my car). I often wonder if I'm helping the LQS that do quilting when I park in their parking areas. Customers probably think the vehicle belongs to them. l.o.l. There's plenty of quilts to be quilted and you can inspire others by teaching classes in your home, by working with Girl Scout & 4-H Leaders, and even the art teachers in the schools. Some schools do after school sewing classes. It just helps to get your name out there as well as promote quilting to those who do not already quilt. We had several children and teens enter quilts in our local quilt show this year. Good luck! It sounds as though you have the right energy to be successful. Shirley