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  1. xxooms

    Quilt under 2 hours???

    I did one--plain 8 patch--but staggered (or offset) the rows of patches so I never had to match seams, made it go a little faster. Just then have to cut the edges off of every other row. Marlene in Tahoe
  2. xxooms

    Pictures MQS 2009

    Thank you for the pix...Not only did I enjoy the yummy quilts, but I also enjoyed seeing this airport...It must have been redone since I was there--many, many moons ago.
  3. xxooms

    Flower quilt finished

    Bravo! Extraordinary quilting on an extraordinary quilt Marlene
  4. xxooms

    Picture Quilts

    Ann, I would agree re irons. I've taken a few Sharon Shamber classes, and she says so too. She reverts back to the cheaper Black and Decker irons, with the old fashioned shiny plate. Simple but effective. I think some of the irons aren't as hot as fabric has changed and iron mfrs. don't want liability issues if they can help it. I've always found that the worst irons were in hotel rooms, probably for that same reason. Also, a few of the little travel irons can get hot. I actually prefer those when pressing seams when piecing.
  5. Love the "feathers with attitude" in the pinwheels and especially the design in the white border. Did you do freehand there or is that a panto? Marlene in Tahoe
  6. xxooms

    Bella Bella Bargello

    I love the movement in this one...many bargello's don't accomplish that... Marlene in Tahoe
  7. Fabulous feathers, and I don't think I would have thought to put that blue and green together, but it really, really looks wonderful. What a knockout design for that quilt. Marlene in Tahoe
  8. Bobbi, This oozes of yesteryear charm! I love it! The colors are so perfect for this, esp. the light blue...it really takes me back in time. I especially like that you piano-keyed the set ins.
  9. xxooms

    Hello from Louisiana

    Hi Sandra, Glad you're at least dry and have internet access! Hopefully no damage to your shop. At least living in a quilt shop is like candy, but not fattening! How many quilts will you be inspired to make? I hope its just the roof that was damaged in DH's shop. Seems like they say the worst damage is from the flooding afterwards. I recall the Miss. flooding about 10ish yrs. ago, and my exterminator went to help and said that people had snakes in their walls due to the flooding. We have moved around the country and been through or near tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, fires, blizzards, and hurricanes. It seems every place has its natural disasters. The key IS to be prepared for the worst, hope for the best. Sometimes my family actually laughs at my preparations. I have 30 5 gallon bottles of water (earthquakes), etc. We have lost electric due to blizzards for a week, had do be dug out so we could open the door, more than once--it gets cold! Shoveled the roof so it wouldn't collapse while my kids skied off of it. My big surprise from your post is that we certainly haven't heard all of this...It was like the media saw that New Orleans wasn't getting hit, so, media coverage has been scarce. I would hope that electric will be quicker to go on than in 2 weeks. Sometimes I think they tell you the worse so you're surprised when it comes on earlier. Keep us posted. Its a time when people/family really pull together, and community spirit soars. I sure hope that is the case where you are, and that people are keeping their patience, grace, and wits. Getting back to normal takes time, its not instantaneous. I did see where traffic getting back was an issue. I recall a ski trip in VT when the electricity was off for most of the trip, but they got a lift to work by generator. Before that we just walked up part of the mountain and skied down. We had no heat. Everyone pooled their food, etc. My kids still have fond thoughts over that. My best to you and your family.
  10. Hi Sue, I took your threadpainting class and I thought what you did then was spectacular, but you've hit the grand slam this time! This could be auctioned off at Sotheby's. Simply fabulous! If you ever get the chance to see the wallhangings by the elevator at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, I'm sure you could duplicate those. I think? they are hand stitched. Email me if you want and I'll send pix of them (xxooms@mac.com). I'm guessing you are probably deluged by the thread manufacturers due to your work. I'm wondering what this would have cost you, or did cost you, in thread at retail prices? Marlene in Tahoe
  11. xxooms

    Parrot´s Island is going to Houston....

    Congrats! Any sneak previews? I will be there, so I'll look for it. Germany sounds like fun, though. Marlene in Tahoe
  12. Bobbi, I especially love the background stitching around the pinwheels...How would you describe the technique you did on it? I can't quite see the detail well enough. Marlene
  13. If Houston didn't accept that quilt, I would have lost faith in the group that determines what gets into the show! You have started a new quilt genre w/this one! I see posters, calendars, coasters, etc. in your future! Marlene in Tahoe
  14. xxooms

    Exciting news!!

    Wow Lynda! You really cleaned up, hit the grand slam and the trifecta! I've rarely seen sampler quilts that I've loved, but you really made this one work fabulously. I think samplers are tough to get to look "put together" but you really pulled this off very well! Marlene in Tahoe
  15. xxooms

    Music to Quilt By

    Bobette...When I first read your post I thought you liked to listen to Dr. Phill SING! I thought, glad I don't have that CD! Love XM Radio! It usually on the 70's station. It will be interesting to see what happens once they merge w/Sirius. Sirius (in my car) has a somewhat different format. Wonder which one they'll keep. Julie, love Michael Buble too. Maybe we should name our quilting designs after the songs we're listening to! Marlene --not in Tahoe, but quaketown--LA