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  1. There is a Circle Lord for sale on EBAY: There are also a couple of templates:
  2. carmen


    "we'll do" Thanks for the images. It will make it easier. Anyone else? Carmen
  3. carmen


    I will look for your quilts, and will get in touch with you. I will be at PIQF this Friday and Saturday. Seakitten, I wil be happy to check your friend's fabrics and will tell her "Hello" from you Best Wishes. Carmen
  4. carmen


    Hi, I will be attending PIQF again this year. If you have send quilts and need images taken let me know. I will be happy to take then for you and e-mail or send them to you. Carmen
  5. Thanks Linda, I just email them. Carmen
  6. WOW!! I love this. I going to start one right now. Just great Thanks Carmen
  7. Happy New Year All!!!! I took a few days off. Hope all of you and your families are well. I need to ask a question. Before I went on vacation, I had problems with my distributor. Some supplies take for ever to get here and some never. And trying to get them to credit my account is impossible. Just when I needed the supplies during the Christmas rush, they fail me. So who do you like? Thank You, Carmen
  8. To All, Have a Happy Thanksgiving! A bit early. But I won't be home on the day. Dinner is at my son's this year. I hope you will be with loved ones too. Wishing you and your family the best, enjoy the time. God Bless, Carmen
  9. I love it. Great job! Carmen
  10. carmen


    Thank You! I personally believe that I am charging enough. I was concern, when another longarmer approached me at the show And said that, the reason for having so many quilts at the show must of been because I was not charging much. I do give a quote before I start The range goes from, basic overall, large meandering, simple pantos, advance overall pantos, freehand, combining 2 or more pantos, panto and freehand borders, custom and heirloom. Sense I started I have had only one person not happy. The reason she wasn’t happy was she forgot to mention to me That she wanted ecru instead of cream. Before I started quilting for others I did send friends and relatives to take some of my tops to the quilters in this area. I wanted to know what they did and for how much. Some only do pantos, some do freehand only another one computerized quilting (she is great) so I do send people to her that want total perfection. I charge by the yard for for simple quilting. I start at $25.00 if they bring batting if not, $25.00 + what ever the going prize for batting at the quilt shop + 20% for me getting it. Then it does go higher depending on the intencity of work. For custom I start at $38.00 if they bring the batting. I do give my regulars, 30% off coupon on their next quilt after 3 tween to king quilts, not to be use on, freehand or custon quilting. I do donate quilting to my guild for charities and fundraising. I think this brings good will and clients when they see what I do. I love quilting. You guys and gals are the best. I know we usually end up doing more than we should. I take pride on what I do. I keep learning from all of you. Please excuse my rambling.Did not like the comment this woman made and wanted to make sure she is not right. My DH said just to let it go. But you all know more than I do. You guys and gals are the best. Thanks, Carmen
  11. carmen

    NQR prayers for my foot!

    Oh Dear, Starting to pray right now. In case it is broken, Could we attach a roller skate to your foot? We have to keep you moving;) Busy time ahead. Truly, I hope your foot is ok. Carmen
  12. If you find out that, 2/3 of the winning quilts at the local show where quilt by you. Would you increased your rates? I'm not sure if I should. So please help. Thank You, Carmen
  13. carmen

    My 3rd place winner

    Thank You! Thank You and Thank You. I was truly surprised. The background fabric its what did it, I think. I was going to use white, then blue, like a sky neither worked, until I used this sage umbre and I added the picket fence. I'm glad you all like it. Thanks Great Friends Carmen
  14. Hi, This past weekend was our guild's quilt show and I won a 3rd place with my english paper piecing garden The whole thing is applique and quilted with the longarm I have fallen in love with English paper piecing. Carmen