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  1. Quilting Friends, As the busy activities of the holiday season really get in gear this Thanksgiving weekend, hopefully we can all find a happy balance between everything that needs to be done and the fun and relaxation of enjoying time with family and friends.Intelligent Quilting's final promotion of November ends on Sunday, so be sure to take a few minutes from your busy schedule and browse around a bit just for fun. For a minimum purchase of only $15 you will receive the beautiful and elegant Winter Damask Panto - this is basically a Buy One-Get One Free offer! To see an image just visit our home page at www.intelligentquilting.comBest wishes for a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend,CrystalIntelligent Quilting Tecumseh, MI
  2. Nevermind! The were in the shipping envelope - not the box with the parts. Phew!!
  3. Help! I ordered a needle bar yesterday and had it overnighted to arrive today. No instructions were enclosed - can anybody point me to a pdf? Thanks, Crystal
  4. Don't miss out on this great sale at Intelligent Quilting. 20% off over 650 designs from 28 designers! Many new designers and new designs are included. Sale ends at midnight tonight, August 31, 2013. Browse around to see what's on sale, or go directly to this link: http://www.intelligentquilting.com/Public/Home/Sales/index.cfm Also, don't miss all of the new designs added recently. You will find them here: http://www.intelligentquilting.com/Public/AllPantos/WhatsNew/index.cfm Ready, Set, Go!
  5. Digital Designs for Computerized Quilting in all standard formats available for immediate download. www.intelligentquilting.com - FEBRUARY 2013 NEWSLETTER EXCITING NEWS! New designer added - and a positively great special offer!! Dawna Sanders of Dawna's Design Threads has joined the talented group of designers at Intelligent Quilting! Dawna has a flair for style and texture. Her designs run the full range from elegant to playful, and her love of quilting is clearly visible in her beautiful quilting designs. Her Feathers A La Mode is a favorite - create movement, texture and beauty with thread! Go to www.intelligentquilting.com - "All About Us" and find Dawna's name in our list of designers. ****************************************************************************************************** More new designs... New designs from the popular Apricot Moon, Kristin Hoftyzer and Lorien Quilting are also available now. Many of these designs work wonderfully with short and mid-arm systems. New patterns are added frequently, you can always find them easily by browsing to our home page and clicking "newest Digital Designs". ********************************************************************** FREE $40 Value - Stack n' stitch simple blocks through February 10 Purchase any combination of designs - any style, any type, any designer - with a total value of $40 in a single transaction through February 10, 2013 and receive by email this great package of Stack n' Stitch Simple Blocks. Because they all start and end in the center, you can stack and combine them in any order, and because they are simple they will work with blocks 2" and up. Hundreds of design possibilities for FREE! Please allow 24 hours to receive your Stack n' Stitch Simple Blocks by email. ********************************************************************** Have you signed up for Lorien's Digital Pattern Club? Hermione's designs never fail to please. It's great fun to be a member - I eagerly await my new patterns every month! We offer INSTANT DOWNLOADS for all digital sales and we offer all of our designs for the following systems: DXF, IntelliQuilter, Statler, Compuquilter, HQ Pro Stitcher, PCQuilter, SideSaddle, Innova Auto Pilot, Shirley Stitcher, Qbot, Quilt Motion, Quilt Sew Clever, and Quilt Artist. ********************************************************************** Follow us on Facebook We'd love to hear from you - Have an idea? A suggestion? Interested in joining our talented coterie of designers? Drop a line any time at info@intelligentquilting.com Special Offer of Stack n' Stitch Simple Blocks effective until February 10, 2013 EST and excludes previous sales, Gift Certificates and Lorien Club. Crystal Smythe www.intelligentquilting.com ©2013 Intelligent Quilting, LLC
  6. Bev Sievers and Julie Messerly are hosting me for a two-day extravaganza of all things IQ! They've reorganized Bev's space in Elk Run Heights, Iowa, to make room for a few more students, so I hope that if any of you are interested you'll contact Julie directly at jmess717@directv.com Sessions are planned for Friday, June 24 and Saturday, June 25. The beauty of this type of set-up is that it's a nice small group setting, the pace will be dictated by the abilities and interest of the students. We'll have lecture/demo with the use of a digital projector, punctuated by hands-on lab time with Bev's machine, and there will be plenty of time for questions, answers and explanations. I'll cover all manner of subjects and even have a few surprises in store for participants. I have five "formal" classes planned with comprehensive step-by-step handouts - but "meandering" will be possible as we explore the answers to any questions you might have. It's always fun to gather with like-minded individuals, and I've found that there is no happier bunch of people than IQ owners. Join us for tons of information that will make you more productive and creative using your IntelliQuilter, and tons of fun as we gain new skills, form new friendships and enjoy a few laughs, snacks and IQ secrets! Crystal contact Julie for more information at jmess717@directv.com I have it on good authority that there will be the very best cupcakes you've ever had! Don't miss it!
  7. I have a few Circle Lord Templates for Sale - Like New Queen Clam - $250.00 plus shipping (this is the original style of Clamshell Template - you can quilt more rows before advancing!) Gingko - $75.00 plus shipping (beautiful Asian style designs with the ease of a stepping-disk template)
  8. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, especially Nigel for confirmation that soldering was OK. Everything's back to normal and I'm back in business with a functioning stitch regulator. Crystal
  9. I have a 2004 Millenium. Last week the horizontal stitch regulator quit working, and we discovered a broken blue wire at the encoder. After removing the heat shrink wrap, now two wires are broken. I've received parts (invoice number 30171). We got mini pins short ear - but I don't have a crimper that will work with that small of a pin. I need a suggestion for a crimper for this size wire, this type of terminal (pin). If you know a part number or exact name of the tool that will crimp the small wires into the pins that insert into the Molex terminal that goes into the housing. I do have a Digi-Key catalog that has a many many options. Help, pleeeeeez. Thanks, Crystal ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks all, for your replies. Last week when this happened, my husband soldered it right away - and it didn't work, but we know now it was probably because the pin was sort of mangled. This is also when the second wire broke. Talked to both Amy and Christie which resulted in the shipment of the new pins and molex housing. Then he attempted to crimp it with no success - then my call-out to all of you for help. Nigel's note gave me hope and my husband again soldered the wires to new pins. YIPPEE - it works perfectly again. Thus ends my expedition into custom quilting with no stitch regulator. Many Thanks, Crystal
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