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  1. How can I find out what this hardware is?
  2. Nadia, I ordered direct from the manufacturer, so I have their directions, but not for the APQS table specifically. I'll try contacting APQS - thanks!
  3. I've purchased a table lift. Can anyone tell me or have pics of where I would mount the motor - it's heavy! I have a 12 foot aluminum table. Thanks!
  4. Such good tips! Never tried a toothbrush, hated q-tips. I just run my wheels back and forth over some batting till they are clean. Once a week, I put some alcohol on the batting. I use the toilet brush too - easier to pick threads out of rather than out of vacuum.
  5. I'm going to be doing some double batting for a comforter - how many cards high to I raise the hopping foot?
  6. I also have a minimum charge. I have been getting a lot of tablerunners lately and I do tell them, for multiple small tops, that if they bring me one backing and one batting so that I can load all the tops at once that I will charge by the square inch. I started this when I first got my business going and have found that a lot of quilters wanted to try me out first with small projects and it has brought me more work - and $$$ - in the long run. I have one hand-quilter that brought probably a dozen tablerunners the first year and got so caught up with piecing that she now always brings an
  7. Hi, I used track lighting and I like it. I do have a halogen light attached to the top of my machine for side lighting and it does a great job. But I have to say - it puts out a LOT of heat! I'm glad my track lighting bulb are not halogen, but natural light bulbs. Terri
  8. While working on a quilt, I advanced the quilt a few inches with the foot pedal, then I went back to reverse it some and NOTHING! The switch on the motor is ON and I tried using the reverse and forward switch with nothing happening. Does this motor have a fuse or a reset? :mad:
  9. Julia, Nice job! Sure is fun isn't it?!!!
  10. How about a toilet bowl brush to swipe threads out of the carpet?
  11. Hi all, I have been trying to contact Sally Terry with no luck. Maybe she is on vacation? I've tried her phone number on website and new email sallyterry@bellsouth.net. Maybe I'm not patient enough. I'm trying to find out about the bedding class that Pam(?) offers at Sally's studio. Pam, Sally, are you out there? Terri Moses Terri@TerrisQuiltin.com
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