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  1. A professional florist would say: Go to a floral wholesale house. The large ones have massive silk areas from which to choose. Because shading is everything -- if at all possible take a color sample with you when you go; don't forget to pick out the matching ribbon at the same time. Fresh Calla Lillies are not "true red" or "blood red" and fresh red callas are pretty dark. You may have better luck in the silk department. Anyone can shop in a wholesale florist business with a tax number; those who don't have it just pay the tax. Good Luck An Old Florist
  2. I can't find a previous posting where somebody posted pics w/ info about a -- it could be used as a valance for a window or a longer one for a slider. It had the Santa & Sled w/ Deer all the way across it. It was cute. Thought I had it saved. Tks. Judie
  3. My parents had military health care after my Dad retired from the Air Force in '57. Then it was pretty good, but by the time Dad was of true retirement age -- it was terrible care. I will go to the hereafter absolutely believing that Tricare killed him. They watched that spot grow on his lung for over 6 months before they said a word and by then he had prostrate cancer and before it was done it had invaded his lymph gland system & at the end it took out his voice. Tricare waited a year after the lung surgery to begin prostrate treatment but by then it was too late-- it had invaded the lymph system! He suffered for 5 long years before he died; he suffered & died unnecessarily because of indifferent, passive care --. Everyone of us needs health care -- good health care at an affordable price! But with socialized health care comes the danger of "selective care" -- where they choose who gets "that money" spent on them-- based on their criteria. It's very scary stuff! Judie01
  4. Hi Everyone: Can anyone here tell me where to get individual pieces of "Analon"? Or do you know a link for "their website"? I ruined the skillet & the stockpot myself:( Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Judie
  5. That workroom is wonderful! Love those bookcases. Did you have them made? Katydids: I just have to say how exquisite the Christening Gowns! Are you sure? That kind of loving skill is so special. Hate to think of that being lost to those who can appreciate. Thank you Judie
  6. You might not be able to get your Avatar to show up but how -- how did you get 4 pictures to show up on one posting, please? And your quilt is just beautiful, sweet, & romantic looking.
  7. M. Paul: You are not going to be able to convince anybody on this board that Shana meant any harm or disrespect. She\'s not that kind of a person and everybody knows it. You should let it rest now.
  8. Judy Clark -- they are sweet especially that Lady Bug! Ruth -- I liked yours too. So many fabulous choices. With all of your experience, do you all find that it is good to have 1 or 2 baby quilts already done (like I\'m evr going to have time) for that quick gift? (I\'m far from the fastest quilter- I remember PPP) Judie
  9. Sandra: I really like that "story book" idea too! Pam: do you have any pictures of what you\'re speaking about? I really want something that they are not going to be able to find in a store. (I hope that doesn\'t sound too awful). Does anybody think the backs should be minkee? Thanks, Judie
  10. Thank you, Bonnie & Donna. I\'m sure you were right about "the same but different colors". I do like that Yellow Brick Road pattern too. hm m. I got a chance on Sunday Bonnie to be squeezing \'em! But when I go back I\'ll hug both for us. They are darling. My girls tell me I\'m partial to boys -- I only have one grandson -- he was the first male child born on either side of our family in 25 years. Probably don\'t have to say any more about that, huh? Thanks, again. Judie
  11. I need suggestions for baby quilts for identical twin boys who are 7 weeks old. I've known their daddy since he was 14 yo (& was making his daddy nuts!) Time does get revisited . I didn't want to make two of the exact same thing. Thought I had a folder with all my baby examples in it; now I can't find it! Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks. Judie
  12. What is that old saying -- something about not making judgments until you\'ve walked a mile in a man\'s shoes? There is little more brutially expensive than operating a retail operation. IMHO, it\'s not even worth trying to explain it to someone - they won\'t get it. Five, ten, fifteen years ago, everyone "gave" freebies; then came accounting & business training that taught us that "those freebees" were our profit & if we wanted to stay in business -- we had to stop it -- because the costs of staying in retail business were rising. (In my case, 60-70% of my inventory was perishible & had a shelf life of 3 to 5 days -- on top of the cost of being in business!) Much, much conversation on this board is given to not giving away one\'s work --- doing a custom job for the price of an E2E. Are we really asking our suppliers to do what we won\'t? Judie01
  13. Hi everybody: I keep reading this thread and still confused. If a person has a Millie w/ CQ --- can you not disconnect/turn off the CQ and use the LA manually? I guess I mean -- when the computer portion is turned off, doesn't the Millie work normally? Sorry to ask such a dumb question but I've been thinking that the CQ was a very expensive accessory for the Millie. Sorry (still confused). Judie
  14. Teresa: Could you get something going with quilting by having a website and/or (i hate to say it) Ebay? Or checking out your larger cities & doing some advertising? How close are you to a major city? Is there an opportunity to develop a type of mail-order business -- we're pretty connected now what with the internet & email communications. How about your state teacher's association? Also your national teachers association; police, fire departments, unions, etc. etc. Networking & marketing. Lots & lots of business cards -- leave one every single place you go - grocery, post office, K-mart cashier --- I mean everywhere (& your husband too). Might sound corney but it is a most successful technique. I agree with others about 'not giving your beautiful work away'. Maybe some others would have different or better ideas of how you can develop your business & get more quilts. If you can't get the work locally -- expand your area -- & give thanks for the post office & UPS - Sorry; didn't mean to make this so long. Judie