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  1. Awesome quilt Linda. Thanks for posting it again, I haven't seen it before.
  2. Love that Metallic thread. Was it hard to use? I have been thinking of ordering some, I will do it now. Love the quilting pattern too.
  3. I just love pictures of quilted backs. Love how you've put the half feathered wreaths around the sides. Great job, great quilt, and yeah, daughters will do that to you.
  4. Awesome!! It took me till I read the posts to figure out it was all done with thread, incredible.
  5. Thanks everyone. The pattern is 'Shepherds Delight' from Lynne Burgess of Collingully Cottage, Meckering, West Australia. Top thread is Gutermann U 121 Skala Col 111 (wanted it fine to help the glitches disappear) and this was something I had. The bottom is King Tut #915. It is varegated, the sparkle must just be the sun coming off the light sections. Wow, Linda, you can tell thread type, just looking at photos. Judy The Quilt Farm
  6. Mary Beth This quilt is fantastic. It has made me want to make one for my husband, which I hadn't ever thought of doing before - why is that? Just love your feathers and your colours. Judy The Quilt Farm
  7. Hi Everyone, I've just finished my first customer quilt. It was for a family friend, and I am grateful she trusted me enough to have a go on her quilt. I have done some other practice quilts. I'm a fairly silent 'lurker' but have learnt so much from all of you I wanted to share this quilt. The owner of the quilt is overseas so I can't show her, but I'm sure she won't mind me sharing it with you. Thanks so much for all the info you all contribute, from a far corner of Australia it's a blast to be getting tips from everywhere, including the North Pole - hi Shana! I was so nervous about this quilt, but I'm happy with the result. Can't wait to start the next one. All the best Judy The Quilt Farm.
  8. Yeah, I think so, jitters alright. I have added a surge protector, realoaded the needle and no more breaks, now if I can just get the table setup right to get the machine flowing smoothly. I'll get there. Judy in West Aust.
  9. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone can help me. I am an absolute newbie and I had the elation of my new millie arriving on Tuesday, I've done the setup, read the manual and watched the DVD, - BUT - when I got as far as sewing the exercises without top thread or bobbin thread (bobbin case out too) the needle broke, had only been using the machine for 10 minutes or so on and off. Have searched the site and sent off messages (I think I must have posted them in the wrong forum because no responses overnight) now I have missed the time difference to catch the APQ office, so would love it if someone has any advice. I think it is the number 8 screw that needs adjusting because the machine did 4 or 5 extra stitches after I had pushed the button to stop. I have found info on the extra few stitches after pusing the stop button, but can't find anything on the needle breaking. I can't see what might be making the needle break. Would just appreciate any advice before I start adjusting things and possibly making it worse. My Australian agent is away at a show at the moment. All the best Judy in West Australia.
  10. I think this little screw (Number 8) may be what I should be adjusting. Lights 3 and 6 on the left bank are red, which is needle positioner lock out and motor speed sensor. I am an absolute newbie. So after the elation of Millie arriving yesterday, and spending yesterday afternoon and this morning assembling the machine and for once in my life, I have actually followed the manual to the letter, watched the training DVD before wrecking anything and then reading the manual. By this evening when I had finally loaded my practice piece and started doing the exercises as stated in the manual - without thread as recommended, I was so disappointed when using the back handles millie wouldn't stop and then broke a needle, when I replaced the needle it broke again. I looked things up in the troubleshooting manual, but I would REALLY appreciate it if someone could give me a few words of encouragement before I start attacking things and making a mess. Sue, my agent here in Australia is away at a show at the moment. This is my first post here, but I just love checking my APQS newsletter everyday to see what everyone has been up to, I just didn't plan on calling for moral support so early in the piece. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.