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  1. How I decide on the stitching is a process... So here goes. I looked at all the embroidery in the center, and I knew I had to get around it easily. So my fills that I can manuver around intricate details are what I concider. Since I didn't want to busy or redundant I went the the mix of different ones, so I could use what ever would not compete with the embroidery. After I got started on the pieced blocks and the wreaths, I looked at the center, and I knew the feathers around the inside would look like a second border. I knew it would frame the center, and distract from the background fill, yo
  2. Here are a some photos of the latest embroidery quilt I finished. It was a fun quilt and it just came together so well. I used Quilters Dream Wool to keep the texture. This quilt has inspired me to make the quilt for myself. thanks - star
  3. I took about 12 hours, I am a little slow these days, I had a car accident a year ago and I have to take my time. I would quilt a bit, and then plan the next rainy fill. I should have been faster, but I was having such a good time, I just wanted to enjoy the quilt. Strange... I was actually a little sad when I finished. My customer loved the pictures, and she is anxious to get it back. I may have to make that quilt, or ... maybe just a block or two. thanks for all the lovely comments, everyone is so supportive. thanks - star
  4. It has been a while since I have been on the forum, but I have recently retired. Now I am quilting full-time and have time to post pictures. I had a really good time quilting this. I will deliver it to my customer this weekend, I hope she likes it. thanks for looking. star
  5. I have had total success with the older bobbin case. Thank you for the pointing that out! So I will call APQS this week and see about adjusting the new milli. Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate this forum. Star
  6. I can change out the bobbin case and see. I have a few different ones I used in my old machine. And the needles should be fine. I bought a case whith my old machine and I went back to those. I was a little hesitant at first because the were MR 3.5, but that hasn't made a difference. I even felt the needle before I used it, and it was fine. After quilting the burr is small, it just gets worse the longer I quilt. Thanks for all of your help, I will test the cases, Star
  7. Initially when I received my new machine I spoke with APQS and mentioned that the needle was not in the center of the hopping foot, they said that can be the case. I guess I should send them a picture of my needle, iwill check the needle positions again, but I really thought I had. I will keep looking. Thanks
  8. I have had a 2000 millennium, and recently upgraded to a new millennium. When I first got it, I thought I was breaking bottom line thread more than I had before, but I thought I just needed to get familiar with my new machine, and I needed to slow down. So, now I have had it about a month, and noticed I am having bearding issues. These quilts have a darker back, so the bearding is visible. I have never had to change my needle so many times before. I have quilted 4 quilts and changed the needle 6 times. After a while of quilting this morning, I hear the needle popping through the quilt again,
  9. I am so confused?? I had been having some backlash issues before, so I bought a new bobbin case. I thought it fixed my problems? With the new bobbin case the quilt I had on the day before ran with out a problem. I rarely do pantographs but the last 2 quilts have had them, so I have little history with pantos. The first quilt ran flawlessly not 1 broken thread it was quick and painless. King Tut thread on top bottom line in the bobbin warm and natural, and a pantograph with feathery flowers (no strait lines, but lots of corners). I self wind my bobbins, and I use a Towa gauge to keep it at
  10. The good news in this incident is... My customer has accepted the responsibility, and I am not going to be picking this out. However I do want to try to cut down on the transfer of color. I am going to work with the needle and the tension and try the sewers aid. After looking closely at the quilt I am sure the thread is picking up the color, and it is not the fuzz. I am soaking some of the fabric with detergent and we will see how this turns out. Rita R - , Yes I am familiar with Locus Ave. thanks for all the help. star
  11. Good call on the lint. I did change the needle to a smaller needle (I bought from Country Lane). But, I was too afraid to put more thread on it. Thinking that I might have to pick out. I will give it a try and let you know how it goes. I knew someone here could help.
  12. I have not had this problem before. I am having the problem of the blue color from the backing of the quilt bleeding through to the "white" quilt top, only where my thread is. I am using so fine thread on the top, and bottom line in the bobbin. The backing is a flannel that has not been washed! I have a call into my customer and I don't know what to say to her? I was wondering if one of the dye magnets would work when it is washed! It may not be very visible at this stage!!!! I am sure the worst is yet to come after the quilt is washed!! any help is appreciated
  13. Thank you for all the wonderful comments everyone. Our community is working through the healing process. The quilts are the idea of the LQS owner. A very nice lady with a big heart. As for my quilting. I have learned most of what I know on this website. I am a big fan. My quilting is inspired by quilts I have seen on this site. I didn't use any stencils on this quilt. I am using them on another one, when I get it done I think I will post the pictures. Thank you for the compliments. I still am learning - PPP.