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  1. kennan100: I hear ya on the "info will go straight out of my head" thing ...LOL Many thanks on the welcome! sewingupastorm: Hello to you! So, when do you get time to work on your own quilting?
  2. SandraC: Thank you for the welcome! Yes, I'm in the core of Toronto. I won't be able to attend the quilt show due to a prior engagement, but wish you, and the other people involved a really good show accompanied by the best of weather. CucumberQuilting: Appreciate the welcome, and information about Sharon. Can't think of a better excuse for not getting my work done! It will only pile up again once it gets done anyway
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum, and am already getting a good vibe from being around you Thread Heads ...LOL Truth be told I haven't been quilting for a bit because of the inevitable way life unfolds, but I would very much like to get involved again. I could use a quilting kick up the back side to get me going. Maybe there are others who share my feelings, and we might be able to inspire one another. It would be nice to connect with one, or a few like minded individuals to share in all things quilterly. I am hoping that here I might crosspaths with a few quilters from the Toronto, Ontario area here. Long shot I figure, but you never know. If you are, and interested in boring one another with quilting chit chat it would be really nice to hear from you. Maybe it's just me, but I find that once the workshops are over, and everyone has scattered to the wind there is no one to share in the quilting enthusiasm which often translates into not being that inspired. Although I must confess to taking a certain amount of pleasure out of inflicting talk of quilting on the husband, the kids, the cat just to see that glazed over look that they eventually succumb to, but I fear that one day they will catch on to my little pleasure, and pay me back in kind ...LOL I look forward to what lies a head ... walrus