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    Quilting Heidi reacted to Quilta93 in I cleaned my studio   
    I got my new Millie in August and Southwest flies to Albany, NY, but then it's a 2 hour drive to my place.  
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to Mary Beth in I cleaned my studio   
    I don't really have a choice in the matter. The carpet is there, the room is suppose to be a family room. I will take pictures. If you have never been in my studio, there is a huge bar that takes up 2 whole walls. I store the kids toys behind it, and they play down there too, so I have to keep the carpet. If I ever convince DH that we do not party, and we do not need the bar....and that when we sell the house, it would sell better without it, he might change out the floor. Right now my bigger problem is the lights. They are florescent lights in a drop ceiling and they will not stay on. He replaced the balists a while back, but there is a problem again. He said he will replace the whole thing and put in a different lighting system, but I think that will probably be when hell freezes over
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to I dew quilting in Vintage Quilt   
    This is a customer quilt that I recently finished.  It has been delivered so I can share The top is about 40 years old. She loves vintage pieces.  The top is 74X90, with a lot of open space.  She didn't want any quilting on the face or arms but said do whatever I wanted with feathers and pebbles.  Had fun quilting this one.  All quilting is freehand on my Millie.  2 layers of batting, 80/20 on the bottom and wool on the top, SoFine thread. Sorry can only load one picture

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    Quilting Heidi got a reaction from Mary Beth in I cleaned my studio   
    I had laminate before and loved them.  Right now I have concrete with a little bit of carpet here and there for warmth.  I know I could carpet the entire area a lot cheaper but I'm holding out.
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to dbams in I cleaned my studio   
    I feel your pain.  Long hair has done the same thing to my vacuums for years, and even though our daughters are grown and not living at home, my hair is still long.
    Don't remember where I heard this tip, but I keep a toilet brush (never used in a toilet, in case you're wondering!) to swipe up threads from my carpeted floor.  IKEA sells them for 99 cents.  The bristles grab thread quite well.  Of course, I do not have shag carpeting, which might tangle in the bristles.  Ugh!
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to Mary Beth in I cleaned my studio   
    If I ever get a different house, I will be in charge of the quilt studio, and it WILL NOT include carpet!

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    Quilting Heidi reacted to quiltmonkey in Thick and Heavy Wool BLANKET for Batting???   
    Hi!  this doesn't seem to be too dense... I did load it on my frame to see if it would work. Quilted fine with no troubles. 
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to quiltmonkey in Thick and Heavy Wool BLANKET for Batting???   
    Hi Connie,
    I ended up deciding to try this. It appears to be a military wool blanket but I was able to quilt it. It is very heavy and cumbersome. Even though I was able to quilt it with the machine with no problems, it's likely I will not accept this kind of blanket in the future. 
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to Sheri Butler in News about Rita   
    Havent been on here in a week or so. .. so, im just reading this for the first time.
    Such sad news, but knowing she's with our Lord is the best comfort.
    Thank you for the update Heidi.
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to sewingpup in Thick and Heavy Wool BLANKET for Batting???   
    well....I have an old crazy wool pieced quilt with a least one wool blanket inside and an extra backing that my mom added when the original backing frayed....yikes...it is heavy...need two strong men just to lift the thing (just kidding)...It however is tied....don't know how that was managed...probably with a big needle and pliers....I love it....my grandmother made it out of old wool coats...it is rather dark and drab....just crazy pieces...not much fancy stitching....but....she added bits of whimzy into it...there is a bunny made of of a gray nobby wool....and a butterfly....and a silly little caterpillar marching across it....she had very little money....lived in a one room house with a pump outside, a two holer in the back, and a garden.....she saved some seeds from the garden year after year so she did not have to buy seed for the next year....and she saved and used everything....oh and she made the most wonderful breads...all from scratch and all without a recipe...my mom tried to get a recipe from her...but it was..."a handful of these, a pinch of this, if doesn't feel right, add a bit more of this,...she usually had a least three kinds of bread which she kept in a large pickle crock....mummmy.....
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to quiltmonkey in Thick and Heavy Wool BLANKET for Batting???   
    Yeah, great advice, Heidi. I miss you too!   I see all of your beautiful quilts on APQS Facebook. You are a rock star.
    But, I just ain't gonna mess with raising my hopping foot for this silly job... sheesh! 
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to Mary Beth in Applique quilt   
    Great job. That is a beautiful quilt.
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to RosemaryJ08 in Applique quilt   
    Breath Taking.. Everyone said it all!!  Great job!!
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    Quilting Heidi got a reaction from RosemaryJ08 in Applique quilt   
    I am so happy to finally have this quilt done!  It is a friend's quilt and I promised her 1 1/2 years ago that I would quilt it for her.  She started the applique 17 years ago and it included her first block ever done!!!!  Unfortunately this quilt had lots of false starts.  She brought it to me and the backer wasn't big enough so she took it back and hunted for the right backing, muslin is what she wanted to match the front, not so easy!  Finally she brought it back to me and I had planned on starting it before knee surgery but that didn't happen and life got crazy.   
    I have had the design planned since the first time I saw the quilt so that part was easy.  I will NEVER do a quilt again that can't be washed because using white chalk on the muslin was the only option and what a pain to see.  I did have to use a air erasable marker to help a little but I did it very lightly.  I'm glad it is done and I hope my friend likes it as much as I do.

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    Quilting Heidi got a reaction from quilterkp in Thick and Heavy Wool BLANKET for Batting???   
    Well that definitely sounds like a challenge.  I've quilted up to 3 layers of batting so I would guess that your machine can handle it.   You will have to go a little slower so that your needle doesn't get caught in the batting and of course you will have to make your hopping foot higher to accommodate the additional thickness.  I'd probably load it and just try to see what happens and if it doesn't work you can at least say you tried.  I know these machine have worked through some thick material in the past so I would guess it can handle it.  
    By the way it is great to see you posting!  I've missed you.
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    Quilting Heidi got a reaction from lindasewsit in News about Rita   
    Hi All,
    I received an email from Rita's daughter today and Rita went to be with the Lord today.  I pray she is at peace and no longer in pain.  Thank you all who participated in making her special quilt.  I know that quilt gave her joy and comfort.  Rita was the first person to help me when I got an old stretched rotary machine.  She was a wealth of knowledge and helped guide me on how to load it and work on the machine.  I was actually able to meet her in person at Camp Mowana.  The one thing that Rita loved most was quilting.  I pray she is in quilting heaven and enjoying every minute.  I also see her be the practical joker, she loved to be silly like that.  
    Himself, Roland, is doing well according to his daughter.    
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to LibbyG in News about Rita   
    Even though I've known Rita was in a lot of pain and not feeling well for years, I was hoping that she'd get better.  Yet it gives me comfort to know that we made her last days a little more special with our cards, thoughts and prayers, and the comfort quilt. She had a wonderful sense of humor.  I loved reading her posts, especially about Himself, and her emails.  May her memory be eternal.
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to LisaC in News about Rita   
    I Just saw this last night and although it makes me sad we have to know Rita has been set free. My wholehearted condolences to her family and they are in my prayers! I am so thankful she received a loving quilt from her forum friends. She blessed us!!!!
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to Liam in News about Rita   
    So Sorry to hear that!! May she be at peace now.  I met Rita and himself a few years back in Milwaukee at a quilt show. Had a wonderful time! She was a special lady with a great sense of humor. She will be sadly missed here on the forum.  My thoughts & prayers continue for the family.
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to srichardson in News about Rita   
    I had been wondering how Rita was doing.  Thanks for letting us know the sad news.
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to Gator in News about Rita   
    My heart broke when I heard Rita went to be with our Lord.  She loved quilting and everyone in this forum.  Rita could tell a story like no other (remember her last story about her wheelchair and the car).  I took several classes with her but honestly she could teach the courses.  If you didn't know, Rita even got her hubby Roland,  known to us as "himself", into quilting.  If you go back in her posts you may find the pics.  Rita was sick for as long as I knew her so it does help to know that here COPD and other pain is now gone.  She is now with our Lord, probably making quilts of gold as I type.  Thank you all for making her a comfort quilt and those that kept her in their prayers.  Please continue praying for "himself" and her family as they celebrate Rita's life and continue on knowing that they will meet her again.
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to FloridaMissy in News about Rita   
    So sad to hear the news about Rita.  I'm so glad I had the opportunity to participate in her quilt.  I pray it brought her a sense of peace and love.  Praying for her family.
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to Primitive1 in News about Rita   
    I just saw this as Linda shared it on FB, I too am so sorry that we have lost a special and loved friend on our forum, she will be greatly missed and my thoughts and prayers also go out to her family.  
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to appr216 in News about Rita   
    Thanks for letting us know.  Hugs and prayers for her family.
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    Quilting Heidi reacted to KarenH in News about Rita   
    Oh no, I am so sorry. Thank you Heidi for letting us know. I will be praying for her family, so sad.