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    Hawaii got a reaction from T Row Studio in Kaffe tote bags   
    Terry, you should teach this class.  I am SURE you would get a lot of takers on learning this technique on the longarm.
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    Hawaii reacted to T Row Studio in Stash Busting   
    Mary Beth I am mostly sewing from my stash now . I rarely buy unless it is a piece here or there to work into a project I am working on. When I did my elephant I bought the main trunk color then all the rest was from my stash I felt I needed more variety so I traded with others...I did not add to my stash I traded an equal amount of a fabric another lady had for the color I wanted. I loved doing this I will reach out to my friends more often instead of buying. I am helping another quilted get started doing small projects. I am not kiting fabric for tote bags for her at a screaming deal all from my stash. It is a win win for her and for me. My Guild has a competition each year with another guild to complete UFO's it is an elaborate point system the loser bring dessert to a luncheon and we have a hugh Show and Share  event . This is a great afternoon of visiting and Sharing
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    Hawaii reacted to Mary Beth in Stash Busting   
    I have decided to use up my stash before buying new fabric. I know, I've lost my mind....after all, quilters just do not think like this, let alone type it out for all to see.....in writing!!
    I started a little spreadsheet so I could see where I am and where I need to go. Then I can check off each quilt so I can see my progress. I have 12 quilts on the chopping block. So far, that is what comes to mind. Once I go into the quilt studio, others will pop into my mind, I'm sure. Here is the clincher....the last quilt on the list, Dear Jane. This will allow me to use all the scraps I have so far and all the scraps to come from the other 11 quilts listed here. I keep getting ads in my email of fabric sales, clearance items, new fabric lines, etc. I am always lured in, until I remember my promise to use it all up. (While typing that last line, I had to change my totals for 11 quilts on the list to 12....see what I mean). I would love to start a challenge to other quilters, maybe start a Facebook page or something. I know there are others who have as much as I do, it not more. I know a lot of you all are in business, and it is hard to do your own quilts because you are so busy working on customer quilts. That is how I acquired such a stash. I was buying fat quarters and yardage for something, just no plan. When I sold my Millie, the first time around, I was so burned out, I loaded up 7 trash bags of good quality fabric, UFOs, etc, and called a lady who needed fabric to teach battered women, in a shelter, to sew. I was happy to help others. And as much as I would like some of that good fabric back, I really have enough to keep me busy for a long time.
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    Hawaii reacted to sewingpup in Downsizing   
    Don't have much to say....I have a Lucey and she is the same size as a freedom...mine is on a 12 foot table.....Lennie is the next smallest and Larry the smallest.  I have been working some on a Freedom at my dealers and I must say the front controls and fabric advance on that one are nice.  So I think one of the bigger differences from had and what you are looking at are those controls....It isn't hard to reach around to the side of my Lucey to adjust the stitch length, speed, and toggle on the stitch regulator....but....it is easier from the front.....same with the power on....So how much of a smaller footprint do you need?  Lin
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    Hawaii reacted to Cagey in Downsizing   
    A George is much smaller, and would probably fit your needs if you are doing small quilts and not for a business.  The new table is 2 feet by five feet, and expands to 4 by 5 feet.  You can get a larger table that expands even larger will maintaining a stored 2 by 6 foot floor print.  You get to touch and fondle all that lovely fabric you purchased when quilting with a George!  It might cut down on any fabric fetich you may have or some other participants here have.
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    Hawaii reacted to CindyT in Downsizing   
    Hi, Hawaii Barbara!!!  I was just thinking about you a few days ago when I wanted to start listening to some Christmas music.  You sent me the Ukelele (?) Christmas CD several years ago when we were in a miniature quilt swap!
    I have a Lenni on a 10 foot table that works great for smaller quilts.  The head is lighter weight and easy to move the head for quilting.  It just doesn't have all the bells and whistles some of the other machines have or as big of a throat space.  Stitching quality is up to usual APQS standards and less maintenance with lesser bells and whistles.
    I'm sure you'll get a better idea when you get to Road to California and be able to try the machines first hand.
    I've been MIA from this forum for quite awhile, too, and I'm ready to get back in the loop!  Hope to see you on here!
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    Hawaii reacted to SusanH. in New Lenni... Thread breakage, tension issues, jerky movements...   
    Hi! Yes I did get everything cleared up! It took a while because we were on an extended trip, then my rep got injured. But she came through and actually came up here to my home, did some tweaking, changed my thread path and gave me my new owner class. I was very please.
    I just finished our sons's wedding quilt without a problem!
    And I have the "L" bobbins.
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    Hawaii reacted to Mary Beth in New Lenni... Thread breakage, tension issues, jerky movements...   
    Hi Susan, I am sorry for your frustration, especially on a holiday weekend. I really believe there is a learning curve for tension. What type of thread are you using? What type of bobbins? If you have not thrown in the towel completely, I would try adjusting the top tension. If you are using prewound bobbins, then I would do the drop test to make sure your tension is right there too. Personally, I cannot do the drop test and get it right. I need to use the Towa Bobbin Guage. When I bought my Millie, several years ago, I had some headaches you are describing now. I was so frustrated. It took me a little time to "make friends" with my Millie and learn what made her tick. By the time I sold her, I had her figured out. I just bought a Freedom in February and I get it. Please don't give up. You are in a good place to vent, we have all done it at one time or another. We are here to help. If you don't get it, then all APQS first thing in the morning. Someone there will be more than happy to help you.
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    Hawaii got a reaction from Mary Beth in Downsizing   
    It has been a while - feels like eons ago.  This year I adopted out my 2007 Freedom to a quilting sister, Elaine.  Freedom got shipped over the ocean and across the country to Florida.  She got it set up in September and 14 quilts later, Freedom is still going strong.  I miss "her".  So here is my question:  I NEED a replacement with a smaller "footprint".  I do not do large quilts, lap to mini is my niche.  Lucey, Larry or Lenni on a 10 foot table.  I have done the comparisons online at the APQS website.  However, would like to hear real life testimonies on why you chose and how it is working out for you???  I will be at Road to California and my APQS rep is Barbara Mayfield.  Thank you so much for helping in this decision-making process.  APQS ROCKS!  Hawaii Barbara
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    Hawaii reacted to T Row Studio in Kaffe tote bags   
    Here are three more totes I am making for Christmas presents. I do the piecing on the long arm then remove and make the tote. These are quick projects to make. Hope you enjoy looking at them.

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    Hawaii reacted to sammi357 in Kaffe tote bags   
    Those are great bags!  Wow. 
    I think you should make a tutorial and a pattern and market them.  
    I  *LOVE* anything 'technique-y' and if you've come up with something new or a new spin on an old idea, there are lots of sites where you can sell patterns and make yourself a little 'egg money'.
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    Hawaii reacted to srichardson in opinions please...leader grips vs red snappers   
    Hi Barbara,
    Odd you should ask that question. I found a set of these in my sewing room yesterday that I had forgotten all about. I didn't take any of Claudia's classes so I haven't seen what she was using. The clamps that I have are four inches long and are Quick Fix Quilt Clamps according to the label in the package and are to fit a three inch bar. Unfortunately there is no store name, website or contact information on the label. I am pretty certain that I purchased them from a vendor at MQX West last year. I thought that it might be The Calico Kitten but there is nothing shown on their website, so other that now having a name this probably isn't of much use to you! If I remember where I got them I will post the name.
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