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  1. If you google search as well, you can find ideas on how to make yourself a portable light box for cheap. My husband made one for me, using a large semi clear plastic storage container, a used cord with a light socket on the end, one of those new coil type light bulbs, sealed the bottom which was the top of the container with one of those large 'For Sale' signs with some duct tape no less (mans best friend). The light cord has one of those on/off switches on it. I just flipped the tub over, plug it in, click on the little switch and presto. Very light weight, portable, and whatever size bin you may have kicking around the house. Mine used to hold the rolls of Christmas paper. Only about 4 to 6 inches deep. Hope this helps, as a cheaper alternative. Debbie
  2. Ardelle, thank you for sharing such a time saving idea. Off to gather supplies, and work on this on the weekend. Will feel great to get that mess of mine in the shop more organized. Debbie from; Quesnel BC
  3. I soooo want this new gadget for my Lenni. Have been dreaming of nothing else. Must quilt more quilts faster, to earn enough money to buy one,,,,,ssssighhhhhh Now I must wipe the drool off my desk, and go quilt.
  4. Another question: Would you also pre-wash your finished quilt, if its going to be entered in a show? We have a show coming up Mothers Day weekend where I live, and started wondering about the presentation. Washed or not washed?? Debbie
  5. Another question; Do you ladies do the 'stitch in the ditch' with invisible thread, or whatever color is complementary to the quilt? Hope I made sense here
  6. OUTSTANDING!! STUNNING!! SPECTACULAR!! Only in my dreams,,,,,sighhhh.
  7. Quote: Originally posted by midnitesun Would the IQ work on one of the 'original' tables? Yes the IQ will work on the steel vertical wheeled Lenni tables. You can also purchase the IQ/Lenni carriage separate without the computer if you are just looking to add horizontal edgerider wheels to your Lenni. The cost is $500. Of course, you could also add a complete IQ system to your Lenni. IQ works with either the vertical wheel steel table or the new standard horizontal wheel table. HTH! Unfortunately, I do not have the steel table. Mine is with the 'teflon' track system. It would appear that I would have to replace the table in order to get the IQ carriage. I just need to be sure of what I am doing as far as shopping for any upgrades for my Lenni. I certainly could use a little more help 'smoothing' out the curving when I quilt as well. Thank you for the information. Deb B
  8. Would the IQ work on one of the 'original' tables?
  9. On my shopping list. This will sure help Lenni and me ALOT!!! Very exciting!!
  10. Thank you Kelly and Barb for your generosity in sharing. I learned a few things I never would have thought of. So many things to think of Debbie
  11. A notebook just isn't cutting it anymore for me either. Could I please also be included. Deb 'B'
  12. Hi Shana, I have only been to Victoria once myself. Did get the opportunity to go to the Royal BC Museum. It was interesting. You can go to the site, and check out what will be showing in December. Debbie
  13. Linda, Thank you so very much for responding. I had been stewing over this all morning as to wether I would encounter any problems by doing this, and if it would save me any time. Didn't want to be creating any havoc with my bright idea. I have a Lenni, so of course a smaller throat space. All the customer wanted was a medium size meander on both of them, so my thought was would it work out alright. Will dive right in and hope for the best. Debbie in BC
  14. Have been pondering if I should go ahead and try this, and then thought I would ask first. I have one customer, two smaller quilts, each top is different but with two seperate pieces of the same batting, also one has flannel for backing fabric, the other is pieced cotton. Was thinking of loading the backers, end to end. I would change out my customers thread choices before starting the next top. I also float the quilt tops. Has anyone ever tried doing this? Are there any 'hitches' with doing this? I also charge a 'prep and load' fee, would you charge once for the prep and load? TIA for any help or suggestions. Debbie