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  1. Hi Rita, Hopefully, I will get to see you later this week and weekend? Tell Roland "Hi" for us!
  2. The Quilting and Fiber Art Marketplace will be in Sanford, NC this weekend on Friday and Saturday (1/8 and 1/9/10) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Civic Center. We will be there with APQS information and ready to answer any questions! With over 25 vendors in one location, including longarm demonstrations, quilt shops and other fiber vendors - it's going to be a blast! Stop by and let us know if you are part of the APQS Family or would like more information about owning your own longarm!
  3. Beautiful! Love the SID and blocks! I'm a fan of 1930s prints.
  4. Karen's classes are fabulous and what a great deal! We spent $200 to $250 per each class so the $300 is awesome!
  5. I also like the Warm Company - Warm and Natural Batting. They are located in NC so relatively close to you for shipping.
  6. Quilting your designs on a neutral color sateen really makes your stitches stand out and adds a touch of class.
  7. I really like rainbows. Loosen your bobbin so it's a fairly fast descending spider when you hold it by the thread and loosen the top if needed. Haven't tried Lava.
  8. Hi Carol, Welcome to the APQS Family! We're neighbors and Connie (Gator) is awesome!
  9. Go Roland! Go Roland! Hugs Rita! Let me know if you need a cheeseburger from Andy's to cheer you up! I'll buy yours but we'll make Roland and Kelley pay for their own:P I heard that the show was a great success! Our show is coming up in two weeks and I think Kelley will win a ribbon too! least I hope he does (just don't tell him 'cause I will never get him back to earth!)
  10. Love the idea! What a great basis for a class too! You could already have the spines stitched out for students and then just let them take off! I've been looking for ideas for an intermediate or advanced beginner's class and I think this would be great!
  11. Congrats! I remembered when you asked for ideas on this one! Awesome!
  12. We use two large blue insulation panels. Then screwed these into the wall. Covered with flannel using straight pins on the edges. Works great and lots of room.
  13. Shannon - I'm serious about booking you to teach a class in NC! We already have 3 ready to sign up! We would make it worth your while! All expenses paid for plus you would make decent $$$. The last classes we booked had over 30 attendees in a 4 day period.
  14. Shannon - when can I book you for la classes in NC? Next spring maybe? Would love a DVD too!
  15. I'm a Mark fan! How exciting! Great picture Bonnie! Wish I could go... I have a Mark Lipinski story... When Mark's new line Califon came out a few years ago - I ordered the entire line. It was my first "large" order ever. A few weeks later, Kelley, my DH called me an said he had a strange phone call. He almost hung up on the '"guy". The "guy" was Mark Lipinski calling all of the shops who had ordered his entire line of fabric and thanking them in person! ... and of course, Kelley did not know who Mark Lipinski was - yikes! Needless to say, I was soooo disappointed I didn't tal
  16. Yeah, my four needle embroidery machine gives me a fit! But this is certainly a fascinating machine! I'll pay admission to the park!
  17. Totally awesome! Congrats! I won my first Blue Ribbon for a customer's quilt in Wilmington NC this past May and was so happy. It's the first time I had tears related to a quilting event! Enjoy your ribbons and yeah!
  18. When we have husband/wifes come test drive our machines, the men rock at the pantographs! Men don't death grip and they aren't scared of breaking the machine so they just take off. Men get the hand/eye co-ordination pretty quick. Kelley, my DH, quilts the quilts and I go out and do the marketing and bring in the customers. It's a great combination and the women really like the idea that Kelley does the quilting. He has a very good "quilting" reputation with the ladies. His problem is - he is getting more quilts to do then he planned on! Oh, he will work for food!
  19. Hi Carol, We would love for you to come down and test drive the machine this weekend. Kelley's cell phone is 336-339-5190. Feel free to call ahead and make an appointment so that you can get a great demo. The machine is sold without any extras. It is $1000.00 off any of the used Lenni's I've seen so this ought to give you some extra spending money for thread, pantos, etc. We used the Lenni for our free-hand work mostly so don't have any extras. Hope this helps. Do you have any other questions? Give us a call and come see us! We do have the Millennium at the Shop too so you can see